Monday, October 29, 2018

Bobby Chiu announces LightBox Expo -- Sept 2019

Emmy winning artist Bobby Chiu of Schoolism online artschool and international workshops has teamed with Jim Demonakus, one of the founders of Emerald City Comic Con, to launch a brand new artist expo. Headliners include Iain McCaig, Craig Mullins, Crash McCreery, Karla Ortiz, Lorne Lanning, Claire Wendling, Ryan Meinerding, Mike Mignola. Read about these artists and others in the line up:

Dates are Sept 6-8, 2019. Location is Pasadena Convention Center.

The event is described as an artist appreciation weekend. Programming includes workshops, lectures, networking opportunities and a professional development day.

Table/exhibitor applications can be found here:

Education focus includes outreach to the public, to make them more aware of the people behind the art and films they love.

Attendee tickets will go on sale in March 2019.

New Links:
Facebook page
Cartoon Brew article
Pasadena Visitors Site

Watch the trailer:

More about the founders in this breaking story in The Hollywood Reporter:

In this hour-long livesteam, Bobby gives his own introduction to the event at about 8 mins in:

More articles here:

Quote from the Newsarama article: "One of the missions of LightBox Expo is to ensure that the artists in attendance, from students to professionals, will be respected and treated fairly. To that end, an advisory council has been created, made up of some of the most experienced artists and studio representatives in the business, including Stephen Silver (Kim Possible), Justin Goby Fields (Ironklad Studios), Helen Mingjue Chen (Wreck-it Ralph), Ryan Lang (Big Hero 6), Renee di Cherri (Adobe), Douglas Little (Wacom), Christophe Lautrette (Kung Fu Panda), alongside previously mentioned artists McCreery, McCaig, Ortiz and Loish. “We’re really proud of the Advisory Council and its impact on the event,” said Demonakos, the LBX Convention Director. “Their direction is helping us put together an experience like no other, including a professional development day on Friday, plus countless hours of programming to help artists no matter what stage they’re at in their career.”

Thursday, October 25, 2018

Google Doodle - Tyrus Wong, links for Bambi book, Documentary

Google Doodle for Oct 25th celebrates this Disney legend.
Follow this link for more info on the creation of this doodle by artist Sophie Diao, including some of her thumbnails for the project.
The watercolor backgrounds and concept art for the classic Bambi film highlight the influence of artist Wong.

Learn more about the creation of this animation masterpiece in this new book:
From the Stuart Ng Books website link:
"Pierre Lambert's latest Disney Animation art book following Sleeping Beauty, The Jungle Book, and Snow WhiteLike those volumes, this volume is licensed only for France and will never appear in print in English.
The text is in French; however, anyone ordering this book from Stuart Ng Books will receive our exclusive English language translation booklet, illustrated with five unpublished deer movement studies by Rico Lebrun!
From the dust jacket:
75 years ago, in 1942, one of the masterworks of the Disney Studios first appeared on the screen: Bambi. Edited by Pierre Lambert, noted animation history specialist, this official book reviews for the first time the incredible artistic genesis of a movie celebrated the world around. From Marc Davis' first sketches to the magnificent pastel studies of Tyrus Wong, the book collects more than 200 preliminary studies, storyboards, layouts, animation drawings, cels, and background paintings. An exceptional art book paying homage to Walt Disney's own favorite film.
Foreword by Andreas Deja."

There was also a recent documentary on Tyrus Wong:

Sunday, October 14, 2018

NYC -- Neue Galerie, Natl Hist Museum, City Landmarks -- UPDATED 10.20.18

Stuart often attends NY Comic Con. I was able to go with him to NYC. While I wasn't able to see the con, I did take advantage of some very nice fall weather to document some inspiring sites for artists and art fans.

Just blocks away from the met, this little gem of a gallery is worth seeking out. The building is a restored home, so the fantasy of being inside a turn of the century city residence is part of the experience. The Galerie is where the famous Klimt "Portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer" is on permanent display.
Photos are prohibited in the gallery (and pictures can't capture this painting's shifting tones and iridescence as you view it from different angles). To accommodate shutterbugs and selfies, the Galerie displays a large reproduction (pictured below) on the basement floor.
If you've seen the 2015 feature film "Woman in Gold" ...
you'll especially appreciate seeing this masterpiece in person.

Below are 3 links from some lectures/documentaries about the painting that have been posted on You Tube. These clips share biographical details omitted in the film, and also provide some historical context, as well as photos of some of the real-life people depicted in the film.

First is a 2015 galley talk at the Neue  ... About 30  mins with a good overview of the story
Lecture is by author Anne-Marie O'Conner, former LA Times reporter.Watch this lecture to learn a link between this painting and the author of "Bambi."

This next link is for a more detailed, personal account of the story. Lecture by E. Randol Schoenberg, lawyer on the case, who is an engaging speaker with a unique perspective:
The final link below has additional interviews with principals in the case, and concludes with footage from the auction of the paintings:
At the time of my visit to the Neue, both of the Adele portraits were on display. That isn't always the case, as the Galerie only owns the iconic golden first portrait (photo below, from Google Images, shows details from Portrait II on left and Portrait I on right)
The Neue Galerie is also famous for its Vienna-themed cafes.
Excellent food in a beautiful room. Worth the wait for the main dining room. There is a smaller room downstairs with the same menu and a shorter line, but no windows.
There is a line to enter the Galerie building where you'll need to pass the usual security check. Bottles of water are NOT allowed inside, so discard before entering. Access to the cafe, bookstore and restrooms is free. There is a fee to enter the Galerie and see the collection.

(UPDATED with more Links and photos)
If you're a fan of taxidermy vignettes, this museum is must see, especially since these exhibits have been recently renovated.

Here are some highlights from the main lobby

and the many galleries...
 a tableau of now extinct Passenger Pigeons..

 Charles Knight art...
displayed next to fossils depicted in painting..
More art renderings...

Modern scientific illustrations of Extinct giant squirrel...

 Just one display from the Hall of Biodiversity..
 Blue Whale .. from the Hall of Ocean Life
Six halls of Mammals -- epic examples of the art and science of Taxidermy...

Space gear featured at the gift shop...
and a giant plush toy dino
celebrates famous "titanosaur" fossil on display...

Nature thrives in the big city...

Want to see Hamilton in NYC for Free? No ticket required to visit this statue of Hamilton in Central Park.

5TH AVENUE, 30 ROCK and other landmarks

Two pics below show photo shoot in progress outside Bulgari flagship store on 5th Ave...

30 Rock ... home of NBC staples Today Show and Saturday Night Live...

Today Show studio...
Tonight Show...
Even if you only have time to tour exteriors, there are so many design details to see....

Also nearby... Radio City Music Hall.. 
Building below is Carnegie Hall... 


The NY Public Library Performing Arts branch is located at Lincoln Center. There was an amazing Jerome Robbins exhibit on display on the ground floor .. regret I didn't get any pics.

My photo below shows display of Al Hischfeld's drawing desk and chair. Located near library entrance.
Lincoln Center exterior at day time... 

And at night...

My take-away tips from this visit. Wear your most comfortable shoes. Be ready for rain. Taxis are much easier to take now that they all accept credit cards. Weather permitting, walking is the best way to see so much of the city.

I saw so many dogs! The breed I saw most often on this trip was Golden Retrievers. I enjoyed meeting this little city Sheltie. He's sporting the booties I saw many dogs, large and small, wearing.
On the subway...
Outside the Met...
Random cool building...
Adieu Big Apple...