Sunday, October 25, 2020

New arrivals from shipment in stock now (updated 10.28.20)

Stuart and many other retailers have been waiting out months of shipping delays as the world adjusted during Covid. At last, a few things have started moving again. Stuart recently announced a shipment of new arrivals. 

UPDATE 10.28.20

I'll start with my favorite title --- Fieldwork Fail!

Here's a link for the June 2016 post I wrote when it was launched as a Kickstarter project. This post covers how I found French artist-author JM (Jim) Jourdane and his amazing natural history-comic art project.

Stuart has English language copies now on the SNB website. He got these directly from Jim when we got to see him at his booth at the Angouleme Festival. You can see some interior pages from the book at this SNB link:


Back to Stuart's info on the new arrivals...

Subscribers to Stuart's weekly email newsletter hear this and all the SNB news first. Sign-up for the newsletter here on this link for the SNB Mailing list:

Here is what he said in his recent email newsletter. 

It's been an exhausting two weeks. We have been processing our French Imports as fast as we can and we still have about 60-75 titles to add to the site!

However, in this Pandemic Year ... we have to look at the bright side and celebrate all victories, so let's take stock of what we HAVE done!

We HAVE added almost 300 New Imports to our website AND we have restocked over 100 titles that we had sold out of.

We HAVE added a lot of images for our French imports. And we will be trying to supplement some of the listings with additional images when we can find them.

And don't forget to check out the rest of our New Arrivals!

A sample of 2 new titles by favorite artists (see links for book details and multiple interior images)

Carlos Nine

Juanjo Guarnido

Stuart's newsletter also highlights some of the English translations in stock and available now. Since 2005 -- Stuart has personally selected artists and titles to bring to his US patrons. Though signings at conventions and sales on his website, he introduced artists like Wendling, Alary, Guarnido, Marnat and many others to the American market. His industry professional clients trust Stuart's "eye." They look to him for art resources that elevate the game for everyone and don't require text translation to learn from. Stuart doesn't speak or read French. That's a long story. Here's what matters: for 20+ years, Stuart has built connections in the US and Europe by selecting exceptional art that meets his clients needs. Stuart is trusted internationally for his taste. He's recognized by his mega-watt smile. Art appreciation is something everyone understands.

Have you noticed -- English-language publishers are finally taking on the task of translating bande dessinee (European hard cover comics). They have focused on titles that have been best-sellers in Stuart's inventory, and shared by his influencer patrons.

Stuart's customers have been asking for translations for years. It's happening now. Stuart's customers who bought the books in the original language editions helped make this possible. They invested in Stuart skills at picking the best of bande dessinee. They have the original language editions (which usually have superior image reproduction, the hardcover format, and larger overall dimensions). Their purchases of Stuart's selections helped prove a viable market in the US for these art books. This opened the door for English translations.

Here are links for 4 English-language volumes of collected works by Toppi. Toppi has been a consistent best seller in Stuart's inventory.

Cover image for volume 1

Quick peek video about this book --

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Stuart and the SNB Staff make every attempt to honor the store hours as posted, but we are all under unpredictable circumstances these days. You may want to call or email prior to visiting the store to confirm open hours on that day. 

When you make a visit to the store -- there are many take-out food options and outdoor attractions nearby to enjoy. Check out some of these places we know and highly recommend...

Saturday, October 3, 2020

Facebook updates Rights Management Platform --- will it someday help protect indie artists?

 Can it be???... at long last.???.. That Facebook and other social media sites will start to link images back to the content creators??? What could be  next? Credit and compensation???

Social media thrives on image sharing. All those "likes" and "shares" keep users engaged, and rack up big profits for the platforms -- but this is only possible thanks to the artWORK that gets uploaded. These same platforms were never designed to credit and compensate the source of their success.

This link shares some of the ways Facebook may be looking to address this ...

Maybe updates like this will help educate followers and halt online art theft.

excerpt from article by The Verge

 "To claim their copyright, the image rights holder uploads a CSV file to Facebook’s Rights Manager that contains all the image’s metadata. They’ll also specify where the copyright applies and can leave certain territories out. Once the manager verifies that the metadata and image match, it’ll then process that image and monitor where it shows up. If another person tries to claim ownership of the same image, the two parties can go back and forth a couple times to dispute the claim, and Facebook will eventually yield it to whoever filed first. If they then want to appeal that decision, they can use Facebook’s IP reporting forms."

Here are some other helpful info graphics and links..

Copyright basics, 2 part info graphic by Lili Chin, Doggie Drawings

More about Lili's infographics, including link to her site for downloadable versions:

Andy Warhol themed copyright graphic (from google images)

2014  "Copyright Guidelines" chart by Ginger Davis Allman, 
The Blue Bottle Tree

More info on this chart:

2017 post from photography copyright blog

Nov 2019 post form PDN Pulse

Many posts here on the blog about fighting online art theft and educating followers to protect indie artist creative rights. Start here for case studies and more links...