Saturday, February 11, 2012

Angouleme 2012, post 1 of 3

Here are 3 posts on recent Angouleme festival in France. Mostly pictures... for more on Angouleme, see my posts from 2009.
Here is sunset view from the New York Tents at west end of festival:

The "Hotel" that isn't a hotel, it's the town center:
One of many buildings in the city with a Bande Dessinee-esque mural. (These murals are up all year; not just for the festival)
The Herge statue in near the center of town is permanent; the tent behind is one of the many tents put up throughout the town for the festival.
Inside one of the tents. Here's one of several "festival" booths selling souvenirs of the show:
This year, we dropped off Stuart Ng Books cards at the freebie table. Happy to say they were snapped up!
Mr. Herge sported several different looks during the convention:

Angouleme 2012, post 2 of 3

The Angouleme Festival is held every year at the end of January. That means it's winter. The tents are well heated... and busy. You see lots of attendees lugging their heavy coats around as well as bags of books!

This is one of the most elaborate booths at the show.... they have a wooden "book bar"... and extra chairs that were quite popular with tired attendees.
Several of the booths feature prints and posters like this:
At almost every booth, you'll see artists doing elaborate sketches for signings in the French style.
I liked the spiral display of books at this booth:
And this cute book about a cartoonists life with his dog "Dugly" had this wall of photos of someone dressed in as Dugly visiting famous sites in Paris.

Angouleme 2012, post 3 with pics of Stuart

Here's inside another large tent with booths from the major publishers...
Stuart spends a lot of time going through booths.. large and small.. to review the books and catch up with artists and colleagues...
Here's Stuart with artist Enrique Fernandez
Stuart and the line for fans to meet another artist friend...
Chatting after the signing....
Stuart and Juanjo Guarnido (artist of Blacksad)
Artist Stan Sakai was also signing at the festival!
2012 was the 39th year for this festival. Stuart has attended every year since since 2005.

PHOTOS from Craig Elliott signing Feb 11

We were pleased to welcome artist Craig Elliott to the Stuart Ng Books showroom on February 11th, to sign and sketch in his new book The Art of Craig Elliott.

There's a great interview with Craig on John Fleskes' blog:
We had a large number of mail orders for this signing, in addition to the crowd who joined us for this special event. We are still offering Craig's Stuart Ng Books exclusive bookplate for copies purchased at our showroom or via our website.
And here's a You Tube clip of Craig narrating a "tour" of his book: