Thursday, November 26, 2020

Being thankful -- Health Insurance info for Indies plus preview of HealSho project for Sho Murase

Thanksgiving week is a time to be thankful. Good health can't be taken for granted. Especially if you are an indie artist/content creator. 

You can't work if you aren't well. What will happen if you have a health crisis... or are suddenly diagnosed with a chronic condition?

Be prepared. Get your small business entity in order. Being an LLC or S Corp is a way of getting yourself some kind of health insurance. Many health insurance plans are open to businesses with two or more full-time employees (and you as the boss counts as one!). You can see some of the basics for small business on the website of the Intellectual Property and Small Business Legal Services firm I've used for years, Counsel for Creators:

Did you know there are health insurance plans available through artist guilds?

You can also find health insurance through outside-of-the-arts organizations that offer health plans to their members. Just one example is the US Equestrian Foundation. Join at the $25/year fan membership level, and you can access their health insurance plans!

Of course, your first stop should be the closest we have to national health care here, the ObamaCare site

Get educated about your health insurance options. Don't go uncovered!!!

Here in the US, if you don't have health insurance and you suddenly find yourself seriously ill, you have two options: die. Or go bankrupt. If you survive, you can find yourself burdened with 6 figures in debt!

Here's just one case study of an artist whose network of friends has stepped up to save her life.

The HealSho project is an online benefit auction, Dec 10 - 13, 2020, to help out indie artist Sho Murase.

 The amazing Sho is esteemed by her peers in the industry. We were all concerned when she stopped appearing at conventions as usual. Recently, she had the courage to come forward and share her story. She has been struck with kidney failure. She's on dialysis and hoping for a kidney transplant.

(two photos below from Sho's social media site)

 Her story is another reminder that organ donations save lives. Did you know you only need one kidney to live a long and healthy life -- you can donate a kidney and save someone.

Sho's story motivated her friends and colleagues. Top artists are donating original works for the auction. Also online workshops, tutorials etc. Sho's friends built a website to make the auction accessible and shareable. Talk about art in action! Not to mention all the friends who are helping her with her everyday care.

This link the "about" page for the project shares details and more info about Sho.

You can register for FREE at this site and view all the auction

Stuart is donating a Claire Wendling original.

I've long been a fan of Sho's work. She's been featured here on the blog several times. You can see her and her convention table space in these posts:

Comic Con 2016

below is Sho's fans surrounding her table...

WonderCon 2017

A snap I took of Sho while fans were looking at her portfolio...

Samples of Sho's work --- she's known for her distinctive personal work

and work she's done for studios and their licensed characters

Some of her industry credits -- DC, Marvel, Disney, Warner Bros.

Her website:

Thank Goodness Sho had a friend to help her navigate the complicated and expensive US Health Care system. Like most indie artists, she has some coverage, but not enough for this type of health catastrophe. 

Not having the right coverage means not getting timely treatments. Delays cause expenses, and even death.

Plan ahead now.  

Help Sho if you can.

You can send a PayPay donation to her directly at this account. All donations help. Her current treatments cost thousands of dollars a session.