Thursday, December 3, 2009

New CTNX Animation Expo.... who knew, and what's new for 2010

This post updated August 2010....

The SNB booth at CTNX

Mike Mignola gives a demo (large screens allowed everyone in the crowd to see)

Andreas Deja signs his sketchbook (published by Stuart Ng Books)

Peter de Seve signing

Just when you think conventions are only getting worse, here comes a show that reminds us why cons are fun...
It's been almost a year, and we are still appreciating the overflow crowds and overwhelming welcome we all experienced at the new convention.... the very first ever Creative Talent Network Animation Expo (CTNX) held in Burbank in November 2009.
This show delivers what we all miss about the old days of Comic Con. The CTNX show is smaller in scale, but at a first class venue, and the focus is on seeing the artists in person. There really is time and space at this show to see the artists at work during demos and programming. There's also a wonderful emphasis on making personal connections.

Since this was the first year, the show is still finding itself. It will be interesting to see how it evolves.

Organizer Tina Price made the show comfortable and fun for the exhibitors... but I don't think any of us where prepared for the size and enthusiasm of the crowds of attendees. There was a good mix of professionals, instructors and students... this event more than others is really focused on artist appreciation.

When Tina first told us about her plans to start this expo, I was impressed with her courage. It was a leap of faith to launch a convention in this economy.... but she was right. Stuart was right there too, answering her request for his suggestions for guest artists. Tina knows a LOT of people, but she was also eager to reach out to artists that she felt would complement her event. This synergy continues....

The buzz is even better for CTNX 2010 with special guest artist Moebius confirmed to attend.
Find more info about CTNX at Stuart Ng Books offers a code with a 10% off your registration fee for this expo. Find the code at

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Peter de Seve art book in stock now!

The wait is over! Well.. okay almost over... because we have even more PdS goodies coming..

Late Friday night... our exclusive shipment of the Peter de Seve art book "A Sketchy Past" arrived! We are used to jumping through hoops for each import shipment, and this order was no different. Rather than dwell on those frustrations, let's just all celebrate the fact that the books are here in hand now, and in plenty of time for Peter's appearance at CTNX.

Here are the pallets on Saturday morning... we will be opening up the boxes early this week to begin processing the paid pre-orders for this highly anticipated item.

We are also delighted to provide you this added benefit/SNB exclusive with this item: a signed Peter de Seve bookplate w/ a new image not in the book.
Want your book autographed as well ??? Then join us at the upcoming CTNX Animation Expo in Burbank Nov 20th - 21st. Peter will be appearing at this convention all 3 days, and we'll be selling his book at our booth and hosting a signing.
This book is a hefty beauty.... substantial and impressive.... with amazing reproduction of the art in all its process... on lovely paper..... and the bio portions include images from the many artists Peter sites as influences. Everyone who's been waiting for this book is in for a real treat...

Monday, October 12, 2009

Stuart Ng Books at APE in SF Oct 17 & 18

For all our Bay Area friends, Stuart will have a table at APE (Alternative Press Expo). Here's the link for info on this small press con:

We'll be featuring the sketchbooks we've published. Mary will also be at APE, helping Stuart. (No bag check at this show :) Be sure to tell them I sent you when you stop by to say hi :)
Stuart is currently working on a NEW book which we'll debut at the CTNX show in November.

On the 17th, our showroom in Torrance will be open 12-4 as usual. You won't go away empty handed: We still have a FREE in-shrinkwrap copy of Out of Picture vol 1 as a "thank you" for each visitor to our showroom..... Holidays are approaching, and this book makes a great gift.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

SNB in LA Weekly "Best of LA" 2009 - updated 10.4.16

We've been getting messages and now I can confirm... it's true!

Stuart Ng Books is featured in the LA Weekly "Best of LA 2009" issue on newsstands now!

We had no idea this was coming....There's a very nice blurb about us on page 28. Check it out!

Update 10.16 -- text from the "Best of" issue .... It has the current SNB address, but the text has the old store hours. The store is open M-Sat. Hours and store photos on the website:

The first thing you notice at Stuart Ng Books is the wall filled with autographs and sketches from L.A.'s top animators. The South Bay rare book shop is immensely popular within the animation and comic book industries for Ng's impeccable selection of imported graphic novels, out-of-print art books and independently published artist sketchbooks. Open to the public only on Saturday afternoons and by appointment throughout the week, Stuart Ng Books isn't cheap, but it is reasonable. French and Belgian comics, which come in hardcover, glossy editions with exquisitely colored oversized panels, run about $30. The best deals are the artist sketchbooks, which start at $5. These often self-published, zine-styled releases offer a unique insight into the minds of animators and comic book artists. Ng stocks titles from Glen Murakami (Teen Titans), Eric Powell (The Goon) and many others. Check the store's Web site often, as it will list any upcoming promotional items. 22910 Crenshaw Blvd., Torrance. (310) 909-1929,
—Liz Ohanesian

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Wendling prelim & SNB upcoming shows 9/16

This is a Wendling prelim drawing for one of the calendar images....

If you loved "My Little Ponies" as a kid, this image will be quite familiar :)

If you can't visit us at conventions and would like to see pics of our booths... search the blog by SDCC or WonderCon. There are also lots of pics from Angouleme from earlier this year.

Read the "House Elf" post to see pic of our Wendling art show from years past.

Stuart will have a table at APE.

SNB will be exhibiting at CTN Animation Expo in Burbank November 20th - 22nd, and Pasadena Book Fair December 4th, 5th & 6th.

Please leave comments and questions. Don't be a lurker :)

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Behind the Scenes at Stuart Ng Books 9/12

Welcome dear readers! For those of you who have been following the blog, you can skip this post. Stuart mentioned the blog on a recent newsletter, so for new readers, here's a bit about what you're getting into:

The mission of this blog is to share the anecdotal information you'd get in person when you visit our showroom or our booth at conventions. The subjects I cover are the topics that come up most frequently when I talk directly with the artists & patrons we serve.

New posts are NOT always in chronological order. Look for them by date & title.

For FAQ and background into SNB (Stuart Ng Books), please see the posts from July 2008. There you'll learn how to pronounce "Ng" and how our Claire Wendling connection was established. I also use subject headings that appear throughout the blog. These titles include "POV shot," "Movie Night", "Get Inspired" "Your Science Lesson"... you can search the blog by these titles to find these posts.

All the opinions expressed here are my own.. and these are my versions of the stories. I am not Stuart and he does not read this blog. See the quotes from David Leopold for more on that :)

Thanks for visiting. Please leave comments. This blog is a forum for you to learn more about us, and for our patrons who can't visit us in person to have some of the SNB experience.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

2009 Portuguese Bend Natl Horse Show

Can a Palomino horse laugh??? Keep scrolling down to find out....
This post has my favorite shots from this year's Portuguese Bend National Horse Show. I took these on Sunday, during the grand finale event... the $10,000 Seahorse Jumper Classic. In all the years I've been attending this show... I've never been to the Sunday events before. It was a BLAST! The day was pure bliss... perfect weather... I sat under the trees and enjoyed the sea breeze and show jumping. I know it looks like I'm in the ring for this shots, but I'm not... just at ringside. If you want to know what it feels like to have 1,200 pounds of pure power hurtle its heart over a 6-foot obstacle and blow by you... this is the place to be! Hopefully these pics will inspire you to visit the show and bring your sketchbook! Just look at what's here...

The entire horse show is a charity event that raises money for Childrens Hospital Los Angeles and has been held for over 50 years. All the funds collected at the booths and games go to a great cause.

I've spread the pics out over several posts... so scroll down and enjoy :) Click on any image to enlarge it.

This is my favorite "Pegasus" shot..

And here's a great landing..

Take a look at the air between the horse and the jump.....

You can get this close to the action:

This grey below was one of the prettiest horses I saw at the show... more pics of him in the posts that follow this one ...

Winner is Clever... and more action shots

The winner of the Seahorse Jumper Classic... and the $3,000 first prize.... was a horse named "Clever". Now I'm sure, between trainer fees, board & feed, farrier & vet, and the list goes on.... it probably costs $3,000 a month to maintain a national level show jumper, so they aren't doing this for the prize money alone, but it has to help a little.

There's quite a crowd for this event:

There were 19 horses entered in the contest.... each horse that had a clean round (no rails or fences down) then entered the final round... where they jumped higher fences... and it is dangerous...

We saw one rider take a bad fall. She was thrown during a jump and she stayed in the dirt a long time. Help rushed right out to her, and when she got up, everyone cheered. All's well that ends well, and in this case there's a victory gallop of the finalists around the arena:

And here's "Clever" headed back to the stall with ribbons on display:

The rest of these images are various action shots. I took A LOT of pictures to get these good ones. It was a fun day!

Here's "Clever" in the arena...

and other horses in action ...

This pretty paint was in the amateur classes... it's sort of unusual to see a horse of a different color competing in these English riding events. Most of the national level horses are European bred imports.

Horse show, behind the scenes

I managed to catch one horse-in-mid-stride-flying-like-Greek-God-shot, so here's my little homage to cinematographer Caleb Deschenal's transcendent work in the film "The Black Stallion" ..... and you thought he was just Zooey's dad
Click on the picture below to enlarge and see the horse better:

Here's the crowd on the hill, watching the events. Families set out blankets and bring their dogs and babies.

The horses are in temporary stalls... they arrived in trailers that are in the parking lot:

Here are some riders who have finished competing and are letting their horses rest and graze:

A detail shot of the elaborate braiding on the manes of the jumpers. It is very difficult and time consuming to braid the manes and tails of the horses for show ring competition. There are people who are especially skilled at this, and are hired just to do that on the morning of the show. The skill is highly valued, and a good braider can make big bucks.

Here's another horse cooling out with a walk after competing.

More views of the pretty grey horse...
w/ fans in the crowd...

Here he is in his stall:

Views of the temporary stalls set up for the show... and the path where the crowd arrives...

Horse Show, kids activities

Who has more fun at the horse show? Horses or kids???

Click on this pic of the Pal amino to enlarge it, and you'll see both horse and owner are grinning :)

Entrance to food booths and kids area:

This large tent is the covered eating area... near the game booths for the kids:

Prize booth and Bouncer:

For those who dare, there's rock wall (I climbed this 2 years ago).

On Sunday, the young set can participate in the Stick Horse Class... Every entry gets a stick horse, a show number, and they can keep and name their horse... Here's the Stick Horse Class lined up to enter the arena....

Taking their turn around the jumps...

Every entry is a blue ribbon winner