Monday, September 30, 2019

Maleficent poster artists credited!! Help advocate for more of this. UPDATED 10.16.19

This post re-located to October -- with updates.
link here:

Amy Wagner can you please post the name of the artist for this poster!! it's so cool!

Thursday, September 19, 2019

Wendling at SNB Store Sat 9/28 - UPDATED 9.25.19

UPDATE - Last chance to see Claire Wendling in SoCal...  
Saturday 9.28.19 at SNB Store 2-5 PM

From Stuart's Facebook page:

"Claire Wendling is making her last public appearance of the year this Saturday—right here in Los Angeles at Stuart Ng Books. She has a portfolio full of new original drawings for sale—including these four beauties. Soon she will be headed back to Angouleme and going into hibernation until January."

Photos courtesy of SN social media post:

Samples of originals from Claire's portfolio..

If you missed Lightbox Expo -- you have one more chance to see this modern master while she's still in Southern California.

A trip to Torrance is likely closer than France, where Wendling usually resides.

Don't miss out!!!

Photos of Wendling at Lightbox courtesy of Paul Choy...

Friday, September 13, 2019

#LightboxExpo2019 -- Concept Art Awards (5 of 5) UPDATED 9.10.21

Thanks to these two dedicated women...
Rachel Meinerding (l) and Nicole Hendrix (r)....
(from the Concept Art Awards show program)

....the Concept Art Association (CAA) was launched.

The mission: "elevating and raising the profile of concept artists, their art and their involvement in various entertainment industries."

These founders share a common aim. ".... to help concept artists' names and their art be associated together in as many places as possible."

Indie art life -- even at the highest levels of the industry -- often lacks hard-earned credit and compensation. The CAA is a way to help change that paradigm.

Awareness. Education. Access. Opportunity. Inclusion. These are the steps that will bring change. Raising awareness with fans and the press will help support artist rights and bring positive outcomes for indie artists. The sharing of images online fuel social media, and film franchise success. It's about time the artists who make these images get the recognition they've earned.

This theme of elevating artists is also part of the mission of Lightbox Expo, which sponsored the first ever Concept Art Awards.
Click on image below to enlarge. Front and back of promotional postcard about the awards.

These next images are my photos from awards night...

Pre-show inside the main ballroom at the Pasadena Convention Center
Concept Art Awards program -- cover art by Iain McCaig.
CAA co-founders Nicole Hendrix (l) and Rachel Meinerding (r)
 Highlights of the evening were the Lifetime Achievement  Awards:

Ron Cobb
Ralph McQuarrie
H.R. Giger
Jean Giraud
Syd Mead
Each presentation had a thoughtful  message from the presenter.
Many who received the awards in honor of these icons were family members or close friends.

 Below is a photo of a recorded message from a daughter of the late Jean "Moebius" Giraud. This award was presented by Jean-Jacques and Diane Launier, owners of Gallery Arludik in Paris
Syd Mead was unable to attend in person, but sent a recorded message.

The award trophies were created and provided by Legacy Effects.
(photo below by Kelly Dwyer, courtesy of Nicole Hendrix)
 (photo below by Kelly Dwyer, courtesy of Nicole Hendrix)
For Stuart Ng Books...
it was an especially memorable night. Stuart was honored for his 20+ years of service to artists. He was the inaugural recipient of the Lightbox Community Icon Award. (next 4 photos by AW).

The award is presented as one of the Concept Art Award trophies, but this is a community service recognition voted on my the Lightbox Advisory Council and announced at the Concept Art Awards. It reflects on the mission of both CAA and the Expo organizers that they team up to include this honor on a night celebrating artists.  The Lightbox Community Icon award recognizes a community member who might not be an artist themselves, but have been a valued resource for creative professionals.

Black and white pic below shows Stuart receiving the Award. Photo by Keith Acedera, from the Lightbox Expo Facebook page. Here's the text from the site's FB post:
#LBX2019 Moments
We worked alongside the Concept Art Association in creating the LightBox Community Icon Award., which recognizes an individual or group who has demonstrated an outstanding contribution to the art community. This year's winner was the one & only, Stuart Ng! 👏🏼

Below is Stuart just after the event...
Here is the award on display at the SNB Store.
(Subscribers on the Stuart Ng Books mailing list get Stuart's weekly newsletter .. where he reported on the award.

UPDATE 9.10.21
The "Concept Art Association" You Tube channel has videos for all the in person awards from Lightbox Expo 2019. Stuart's short speech starts at appx 4:20 in this clip.

Link for 9.13.19 article with complete list of inaugural winners...

The entire Concept Art Awards program was recorded. When the link becomes available I'll include information about it here.

Meanwhile -- many thanks to Nicole Hendrix and Rachel Meinerding for an incredible evening celebrating artists.

Special thanks to Nicole for permission to use here on the blog some official photographs of the event (taken by (the 3 images below and the two trophy images above)

 Stuart (center) with Bobby Chiu (left) and Jim Demonakos (right)
 Presenter Iain McCaig
L to R: Josh Herman, Nicole Hendrix, Rachel Meinerding and Ryan Meinerding.

#LightboxExpo2019 -- top tier talent (4 of 5) UPDATED 9.20.19 with links for books signed at LBX

Most conventions will have several headliners that draw crowds and drive ticket sales. Lightbox Expo took this convention expectation -- and many others -- to the next level.

Artist guests at Lightbox Exp were the very peak artists in concept art. This was an event they flocked to for a three-day festival of social engagement, professional education, and inspiring others. No other con can equal what Lightbox Expo delivers for this niche art community.

Here are just a few examples of the talent this Expo attracted..


The Wendling legend began at Warner Bros animation studios in the 1990s, when her powerful concept art there left a linger impression on the artists she influenced. Since she was known only as "Wendling" few knew she was a woman. This was the pre-internet era. She returned to France at the end of her WB contract...  but it was like she vanished.
Her first major sketchbook publication "Desk" landed in the US (via Stuart Ng Books) in 2005. Its success, and her books imported and later published by SNB, cemented her reputation as the preeminent artist's artist. The art world continues to marvel at her prowess. Her level of talent is what leading artists across the fields of illustration, animation and comic art look to for inspiration. Often imitated. Never duplicated. Always ahead of what everyone else is doing. She is the modern master. And she's funny, humble and witty -- all while speaking a second language.

Fans and peers lined up to see her, buy her books, and attend her talk.

Hellboy creator chose this Expo to showcase some personal paintings. Where else would you have a chance to see these??? And talk with him directly about this work???
Terryl gave a talk on Friday and a demo on Sunday. Both with scientist Dr. Michael Habib.
She brought a few originals to this show -- and they sold quickly!!

No wonder fans waited patiently to get a signed book from this film and publishing icon.

More sample talks and artists..

Artist, Educator, Advocate


Artist signings at the SNB Booth was another opportunity to meet leading artists in their fields. For some of these guests, their SNB signing was their only assigned meeting time while they attended the Expo.
Limited number of copies of signed books are now in stock at the SNB Store and available online via the SNB website. Order soon as these sell out fast.

photos and links from the SNB signings at #LightboxExpo2019

Dice Tsutsumi (l) and Robert Kondo (r)

Copies of the book they signed at Lightbox are now on the SNB website:

Author and Disney scholar Mindy Johnson was signing her most recent book... a collaboration with Disney artist Lorelay Bove
Signed copies now for sale on the SNB website:
Signed by Mindy Johnson and Lorelay Bove right. 
Mindy Johnson below signing copies at Lightbox Expo.
Here are pics of signed copies now in SNB store and on website:
Signed by Brittney Lee on left... 

Artist LOISH
signed Saturday and Sunday, with long lines both days.

Link for signed Loish book:



Jorge Gutierrez, Director of The Book of Life and the upcoming Maya and the Three (Netflix), signed his book of paintings, Border Bang, at the SNB booth at Lightbox Expo Sunday from 3pm to 5pm.

Link for signed book:

signing along side artist GLEN MURAKAMI
Next 4 photos of Sook and Murakami courtesy of Paul Choy:

The SNB booth was a gathering place, where artists would stop by during signings to meet with peers and visit with friends (photo below by AW)
Below (l to r) Mike Mignola, Claire Wendling, Stuart Ng, Glen Murakami.