Sunday, September 23, 2018

Long Beach Comic Con 9.18 -- PICS ADDED 9/27

Here are a few photos from the Exhibitor Hall at Long Beach Comic Con 2018.
Props to these exhibitors below for engaging attendees and bringing them to their table with an invitation to make a chess move! Read more about "Coronary" by comics writer Ryan Burke here:
Also on Instagram at @ryanburkewriter

Artists Alley
Artists reported good sales and foot traffic at this con.
Later in my time at the con, I snapped this glimpse of indie author-publisher Russell Nohelty (in green shirt with eyes) at his busy table.
His most recent Kickstarter --  is for an anthology "Cthulhu is Hard to Spell" -- is nearing 1,000 pledges as of 9.27.
Early in the day, I visited with artist Jeff Victor  who had prints from his recent book "Pop Culture Evolutions" -- successfully funded via his Kickstarter campaign.
Another early day stop: Indie artist Susan Lee's table. She featured her original water colors as well as prints.
Susan is also the creator of the popular "Women from the Dark Side" panel at this and other conventions.
Only a few photos for this post, as I only had time for  had a quick walk around at this con. And wouldn't it figure --- with a time crunch I ended up with a take-away tip from this con: Always have a back-up plan for meeting up with your ride!

Cell reception inside the hall was spotty at best, and when I was supposed to connect with Stuart via text, suddenly neither one of us could get reception. Without a back-up plan, I was reduced to wandering around looking for him. Trust me, the exhibit hall is a reasonable size, but it feels huge when you are looking for someone you can't find. From now on, I'll always have a back-up plan to meet at a designated spot in case of high tech communication failure.