Thursday, August 9, 2018

Disneyland collection FREE exhibition prior to auction - UPDATE 8.28.18

UPDATE 8.19.18
Links with articles from
New York Times
Los Angeles Times:

Playlist of Gallery produced videos on You Tube
These are the same videos on display throughout the exhibit

Wait times of over 90 mins reported by those who tried to see the exhibition 8.18. Go on a weekday if you can. Be prepared with your own shade if you can't.

VLOG tour of the exhibit (posted on You Tube by ResortTV1)


PDF with realized prices list from Van Eaton Gallery website:

Links for articles with realized prices/sales highlights:

Video link of auction live stream via this Van Eaton Gallery website page:

Longtime Disneyland collector Richard Kraft is sharing his treasures with the public, prior to an auction of all the items at the end of this month. The exhibit is called "That's From Disneyland" and is presented by Van Eaton Galleries.

Richard Kraft photo below by John McCoy/ Los Angeles Daily News.
The exhibit is FREE. Open Weds - Sun from noon - 8PM.

See it while you can! The items will be auctioned August 25th and 26th.

This article from the Los Angeles Daily News shares some background on Kraft, his collection, and a slide show of 20 photos from the exhibit.

That’s From Disneyland

  • What: Free pop-up exhibit of one of the world’s largest private Disneyland memorabilia collections
  • When: Noon-8 p.m. Wednesday through Sunday, Aug. 1-26
  • Where: The former Sports Authority store at 13730 Riverside Drive, Sherman Oaks.
  • Information:

Here are some photos from the link (pictures by John McCoy)

Exterior of the building where the exhibit is held
Some vehicles from Tomorrowland...

Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Lucas Museum of Narrative Art, article from August '18 Vanity Fair

August 2018 issue of Vanity Fair shares a detailed article by Paul Goldberger, "George Lucas Strikes Back: Inside the Fight to Build the Lucas Museum."

Artist rendering of the proposed museum (image via MAD architects)
Here's a link for the article:

The article link includes a slide show of 20 works from the Lucas collection.

Works in the slide show include Norman Rockwell's "Saying Grace"... which was reported by CNN to have sold at auction in 2013 for a record $43 million dollars.
Also Wyeth's The Storybook:
And the Leyendecker "Republicans vs Democrats"
Lucas is pictured below in the Skywalker Ranch library, with his wife Mellody Hobson. Photo by Stefan Ruiz.