Saturday, June 11, 2016

UPDATED! TWO Copyright infographics by Lili Chin

Artist Lili Chin has created these TWO awesome infographics on copyright. Attn artists --- use these vital tools to help educate fans and to share with your peers.

You can click on each image to enlarge them.

Lili Chin Infographic #1 -- Copyight Ownership 101

Lili Chin Inforgraphic #2 -- Offering Copyrights to Others

Lili created these graphics in consultation with an IP (intellectual property) attorney. All the info here is verified and current. She offers these info graphics for FREE. Help educate fans and other artists. Protecting creative rights protects artists and the art you love to see.
Click on this link from Lili's website to see large, downloadable versions of her two info graphics above:

Lili is famous for her Doggie Drawings art. See more of her art here on her website:

She has created many info graphics on pet behavior that she supplies as free downloads for dog training and pet rescue. She is beloved for her charity work.. and her charming art. View her free downloadable infographics here:!infographics/c24ef

Lili is also on the front lines of fighting the permissive culture of art theft on the internet. Like many successful indie artists, she has had her art work stolen for unauthorized commercial use by others. She knows first hand how pervasive this threat is... everyone from students to large companies have helped themselves to Lili's art... and she knows how expensive (and exhausting) it is to fight for artist rights.

Respecting artist rights. Protecting artists livelihoods. Supporting the creation of new content. All these things need to happen if we want to continue to enjoy and share art online.

Be part of the solution. Share these infographics. Education is empowerment. (and a big THANK YOU to Lili Chin).

For more copyright info for artists... see this frequently updated post here on the blog:

Friday, June 10, 2016

Art has value --- don't just "like"artists. Partner with them. UPDATE 9.1.17

Online art is not "free" -- it is owned by creators. It's not enough for fans to "like" online art and share it. Fans need to support the artists who post it. Online art gives fans access to art and creators. It's a two way connection ....(art below by C Spike Trotman)... See more of her comic about life as an indie artist here:
These simple truths need to be embraced by those who are enjoying online content. The trick is, how to raise awareness about the injustice of art that is undervalued ... even stolen for commmerical use by third parties .. when the culture of social media is doing so little to prevent it.  (art below by Mark Alison)
Two excellent resources arrived on my radar ... one in anger .. one in hope...


Author Sarah Madison picks apart the arguments of those who want enjoy creative content without supporting it....

Read her rebuttals here in her post "Dear Broke Reader, Your Sense of Entitlement is Killing Me"

She's writing in response to others who were defending so called "pirate" sites. She identifies and dissects the three basic arguments of the pirate allies:

1) "I'm broke and I can't afford to pay for my entertainment"
2) "Creative works should be free -- the purpose of creativity is to tell stories and share them, and there shouldn't be a monetary component to the process."
3) "Writers (artists) already make enough money"

Sarah's replies are thoughtful ... and good tools for other artists who are being ripped off.

PEPPER AND CARROT (Patreon page)

Artist David Revoy takes the educational route...
He has an online comic, Pepper and Carrot. He uses Patreon to connect with his fans and get financial support for the content he provides.
The "philosophy" page of his website explains in text and illustrations why he uses Patreon. He even challenges his followers to help him change the comics industry.
He also provides a link to the Creative Commons website, for more info on use of the attribution license.

Think fans and users don't need to know about license agreements and fair use of content??? Think again. The more we all know about the rights of artists... the better the situation is for everyone.

You can view Revoy's "philosophy" page here:

Take a look at these resources.
Artists have a right to be angry.
Fans have a responsibility to creators. Nurture what you love.

UPDATE 9.1.17
Leftycartoon image by Barry Deutsch and A. Wallace. Look at the margins.
This artist combines his post of "free" art with information on Patreon and an invitation to join.
Every image posted is an opportunity. Get fans involved. The art they enjoy brings value to their social media experience. Help them realize it's worth investing in.

More on art and value:

More on copyright info for artists, with case studies about unauthorized use of art:

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Google Doodles -- different doodles celebrate science gals on same day

Google Doodles are international... and on the same day, there may be different doodles appearing in different locations.

For June 9, 2016 -- the US Google Doodle was for birder Phoebe Snetsinger... 

 See more behind the scenes of this animated doodle via this link:

These are some early bird sketches by Google Doodle artist Juliana Chen..

Meanwhile in the UK... the 6.9.16 Google Doodle celebrated the 180th b'day of Elizabeth Garrett Anderson -- the first woman surgeon and doctor in Britain.

For behind the scenes .. and some hard-to-find artist credits.. for previous Google Doodles featured here on the blog.. check out this link:

Thursday, June 2, 2016

"Fieldwork Fail" Kickstarter project -- case study of 3 phases -- UPDATED 10.27.20

UPDATE 10.27.20

Very limited number of copies available. On the SNB website now! 

UPDATE 5.26.20

Stuart was able to purchase a few copies of this book -- the English edition -- directly from Jim at the Angouleme Festival in Jan 2020. These copies are part of a shipment of books coming to SNB from France and are due to arrived in the summer (due to Covid, this shipment arrived in October).

Original June 2016 post continues here.....

This post presents an outstanding case study of an artist who 1) followed a passion... 2) combined his art talents with a educational online event... and 3) used social media to build a following for a book project based on the on-line collaboration..... BRILLIANT!!

Science and art are connected. Follow some science pages on Facebook and discover an educational way to find new artists. Art is often the answer to presenting complicated science in an accessible way.

Non-profit Bat Conservation International (BCI) connects conservation science with the general public. The photo posts on the BCI Facebook page offer fantastic reference for bats .. and for creature design. Just one reason why BCI is one of my favorite science-themed pages on Facebook. For Biodiversity Day...they posted this graphic on their Facebook page.
This art charmed me. I loved the shapes of the animal silhouettes and the clever design. When I went to the BCI page to try to learn more about the image used in the post, I was delighted to see they had a link for the source of the image... and this link lead me to an amazing find!

The art is by Jim Jourdane

He's an illustrator, based in France, with 1) ... a passion for the human side of science.

Using the hashtag #fieldworkfail, scientists were using social media to share their most embarrassing incidents in the trenches of field work. Jourdane started following these updates.. and began communicating with the scientists.

Inspired by his conversations with these scientists working in the field..
2) ... Jourdane used his illustration skills to capture the scientists who have had brushes with failure instead of fame. He was also able to obtain more in-depth information from the scientists about their work...and the conservation issues they are studying.

3) He started posting his illustrations on social media... on his blog
...and instagram

Soon, his "Fieldworkfail" illustrations were being featured on sites like Visual News
and Mental Floss

In addition to his website, Jim has a  Fieldwork Fail Facebook page

June 1st is the launch date of his Kickstarter project.... to turn his Fieldwork Fail illustrations into a hard cover book.


This crowdfunded book will feature the illustrations he's posted...

The book will include behind the story information he's learned from the scientists themselves... 

These photos from the Kickstarter project page show the cover of the book...

As well as some of the reward tiers...
You can view.. and PLEDGE.. the  FieldworkFail Kickstarter project via this link:

UPDATE 6.3 -- Kickstarter staff has highlighted Fieldwork Fail as a  "Projects We Love" ... 
UPDATE 6.12 -- KICKSTARTER "Project of the Day" -- highlight on Kickstarter Home Page
Online crowdfunding is a way the internet and fans are teaming up to support artists.

Life as an indie artist is never easy. The unauthorized use of images posted on the internet is a constant threat. Updates and case studies are covered on this frequently updated post:

The good news is that the internet offers a world-wide connection between artists and patrons. Many times.. it is educated fans who alert artists about image theft.

Fans can move the internet culture away from the erroneous concept that online art is "free"...

Online art is protected... it is the property and creation of artists. Let's not just "like" artists. Where would social media be without online images to "like" and share??? Image sharing makes money for the internet corporations. What are we fans doing to protect the artists we love?

Small contributions from many fans ... the price of a lunch or a cup of coffee... can have real impact. Let's value the art we all enjoy and rely on!

Google Doodle for Lotte Reiniger, early animation artist and filmmaker

June 2nd Google Doodle
celebrates 117th birthday of early animation artist Lotte Reiniger (June 2, 1899 - June 19, 1981)
 The doodle art .. and animation sequence.. are by artist Olivia Hyunh

 More of Olivia's work..including some of her previous Google Doodles, can be viewed on her Tumblr page:

This You Tube clips shares the behind the scenes of making the Doodle and the Animation.
Google Doodle official page also has some info on the background and reach of the doodle

Here are other links about Lotte Reiniger....