Saturday, June 11, 2016

UPDATED! TWO Copyright infographics by Lili Chin

Artist Lili Chin has created these TWO awesome infographics on copyright. Attn artists --- use these vital tools to help educate fans and to share with your peers.

You can click on each image to enlarge them.

Lili Chin Infographic #1 -- Copyight Ownership 101

Lili Chin Inforgraphic #2 -- Offering Copyrights to Others

Lili created these graphics in consultation with an IP (intellectual property) attorney. All the info here is verified and current. She offers these info graphics for FREE. Help educate fans and other artists. Protecting creative rights protects artists and the art you love to see.
Click on this link from Lili's website to see large, downloadable versions of her two info graphics above:

Lili is famous for her Doggie Drawings art. See more of her art here on her website:

She has created many info graphics on pet behavior that she supplies as free downloads for dog training and pet rescue. She is beloved for her charity work.. and her charming art. View her free downloadable infographics here:!infographics/c24ef

Lili is also on the front lines of fighting the permissive culture of art theft on the internet. Like many successful indie artists, she has had her art work stolen for unauthorized commercial use by others. She knows first hand how pervasive this threat is... everyone from students to large companies have helped themselves to Lili's art... and she knows how expensive (and exhausting) it is to fight for artist rights.

Respecting artist rights. Protecting artists livelihoods. Supporting the creation of new content. All these things need to happen if we want to continue to enjoy and share art online.

Be part of the solution. Share these infographics. Education is empowerment. (and a big THANK YOU to Lili Chin).

For more copyright info for artists... see this frequently updated post here on the blog:

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