Monday, October 31, 2022

LA Printers Fair 2022 (Oct 22nd and 23rd)

A highlight of many activities throughout the year at the wonderful Intl Printing Museum.. this two-day fair attracts vendors from all over the west coast. Lots to look at, purchase, and hands-on activities at the family friendly museum. Print your own cards and souvenirs! The LA Printers Fair program has info about other long-time classes/projects at the museum.

This is a post-in-progress... 

Hands-on museum activites included in admission to the Printer's Fair..

Vendors in several areas throughout the museum grounds...

One of my favorite exhibitors at this event is the Typin' Pint. Author and vintage typerwriter enthusiast Bryan Mahoney makes improvised poetry based on your prompts. Such a great idea for parties and gallery events!

Info from inside the Printer's Fair program...

More vendors in and around the large tent in the back ...

Below is the Intl Printing Museum's "Museum on Wheels".. taking activities and artifacts to students and groups...

Two of the many programs for hands-on experience with the printing arts at the museum..

art from the interior of the Printers Fair program..

Lightbox Expo 2022 -- 3 of 3

This is post-in-progress is 3 of 3 on Lightbox Expo 2022. Back in person at the Pasadena Convention Center. Friday Oct 14 - Sunday Oct 16th.

This post will share photos around the exhibition hall floor... artists and attendees.

Lightbox Expo 2022 -- 2 of 3

This post-in-progress is 2 of 3 on Lightbox Expo 2022. Back in person at the Pasadena Convention Center. Friday Oct 14 - Sunday Oct 16th

Here is where I'll highlight some of the items featured at the SNB booth #122...

Lightbox Expo 2022 -- 1 of 3

This is post-in-progress 1 of 3 on Lightbox Expo 2022. Back in person at the Pasadena Convention Center. Friday Oct 14 - Sunday Oct 16th.The vibe all weekend was joyous. Scene after scene of artists, fans, attendees... so happy to be reunited with friends and colleagues. 

Here are some Friday photos for now...

Just one of the highlights of the Expo this year was this blank canvas art tribute to Kim Jung Gi. All weekend long art peers and fans stopped by to sketch in his honor. It went from white tableu to a panel brimming with joy, gratitude, and memories...

Wednesday, October 19, 2022

Hirschfeld one-night Exhibition & book signing -- Oct 20th at the Animation Guild, hosted by SNB (updated 11.16.22)

Stuart and SNB social media sites have been sharing info about this one-night event.

5PM-8:30 PM. Thursday Oct 20th. Free admission and parking.

Nothing compares to seeing original art with your own eyes. Not to mention the enthusiastic crowd of industry artists, collectors, students, educators and fans these events attract.

"49 drawings and paintings by the 20th century’s most renowned caricaturist will be on display Thursday night at the Animation Guild in Burbank. Most of these originals have never been exhibited before. David Leopold, Creative Director of the Al Hirschfeld Foundation, will be present to answer any and all questions about Hirschfeld, and at 7pm, he will give an art talk about some of the pieces in the show.  #alhirschfeldfoundation #stuartngbooks #animationguild #Hirschfeld #AlHirschfeld #alhirschfelddrawings #sidneypoitier"

Copies of David's new book will be available for purchase and signing at this event:

UPDATE 11.16.22

This You Tube link is a 20 min interview with David Leopold about Hirschfeld:

Here are some images from SNB posts on Instagram and Facebook.

This link from a previous one-night SNB hosted Hirschfeld show (in 2019) will give you an idea of what this night will be like..

Here are Stuart and David from the signing and exhibition in 2015...

Stuart's email newsletter had a special annoucement about this event. Stuart writes the newsletter himself and its where to get the latest news. Subscribe to the newsletter here: