Saturday, May 21, 2011

Stretch your budget with our show room specials

Here's something unique for visitors to our showroom! 2 carts of specially priced books right at the entrance:

One cart is individual copies of french imports. The other cart is an assortment of out of print titles.

We also have our box of "hurt" books which offer great savings on some of our most popular titles. These are copies with slight damage or defects (bumped corners, etc). Since we can't use these books to fill mail order sales, we offer them at reduced prices for our showroom patrons.

You can stretch your budget and still shop our range of titles, all in the comfort of our showroom. Treat yourself and stop by soon!

Big Wow/SuperCon May 21 - 22 booth 305

Stuart Ng Books at Big Wow Comics Fest (formerly Super Con) in San Jose (May 21st & 22nd). Why no announcement on our website??? Not every SNB convention exhibit is a big retail push with a large space and lots of staff and stock. Doing a show like this, exhibiting with a different focus, lets Stuart get out and about more.... meeting with patrons and artists etc.

Here's the link for the Big Wow home page:

Guests include Adam Hughes, Mick Gray, Sean "Cheeks"Galloway, Travis Charest and Frank Cho. Here's the guest list link:

Stuart will also be shopping this Con and the bay area.... check our website in the coming weeks for new treasures from this trip.