Wednesday, March 28, 2018

WonderCon 2018 -- UPDATED 3.31

UPDATED 3.31.... 

2018 Show program..
Convention Center exterior..
At the SNB booth...

At the SNB booth on Saturday.... Claire Wendling (l) with Mary (center) and Jim (r).
Brand new Claire Wendling Sketchbook....

Below is a pic of the SNB booth during pre-open hours on Saturday.

WonderCon panels.. scroll through link below for a list of all the panels.

Saturday 11AM: Everyone's a Critic: Being a Journalist in an Online Age

Saturday 7PM: Women on the Dark Side

I didn't get many photos this year... but here are three fun ones...

A great cosplay team I saw, but didn't get a photo of, was a couple dressed as Han Solo/Jon Snow with a Slave Leia/Daenerys Targaryen!
Also seen but I missed a picture: A wheelchair done as the Millennium Falcon w/ a Chewie pilot; a stroller done as a Tie Fighter.
Pics of these and more may be available online.

Some cosplay highlights in this You Tube post..

Around the Exhibit Hall Floor..
Flat Bonnie Booth..
Mini Wimbley (center) had a visit with his Flat Bonnie friends.
Large Wimbley pillow info here:
Naomi Romero
March for Our Lives...
at WonderCon on Saturday...
Several artists handed out posters for the marchers and/or supplied free downloads.
Sample poster by Nidhi Chanani
Other signs by artist Susan Lee (below r)
You can see some of the marchers in the photo below..

These photos courtesy Susan Lee:
March cheer squad (Flat Fibbs on the left, Mini Wimbley on the right) accompanied two marchers... (photo below by Sarah Hunt)

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

WonderCon 2018 -- indie artists/creators exhibiting (UPDATED 3.23.18)

UPDATED 3.23.18 with more photos from artist/exhibitor social media pages!

Here are a sample of some indie artists I know and/or follow. Check out these images to see how they are posting on social media to market themselves prior to the convention. You can never have enough signage at your table... or reminders before and during a convention about your exhibitor location.

A reminder... posts here are written by me (Amy) and are my opinions/endorsements....
I particularly like these indie artist images below --- Special recognition for Joie Foster's full name of artist... location info (even a map!) ... social media contact info... Outstanding example of making your marketing effort work for you!

UPDATE 3.23.18 -- below is pic of Joie at her Artist's Alley table B-43 (pic from her FB page)

Jeff's social media posts included previews of new art images debuting at WonderCon
Photo below from Jeff's FB page shows his table in Small Press, SP-28
Art below is from Alina Chau...
Akumu Ink created their own Event page for their social media awareness. Find them at Booth 1948.

Indie creator Susan Lee is not exhibiting at the show, but will be at this panel on Saturday Night

Check out some of these other indie creators at the show...

Original art and other delights -- Squidbrains (Jillian Altmeyer) Booth F-33
Boston Metaphysical Society Small Press 31
Indie author and publisher... and host of the fantastic Business of Art podcast (available archived, still a great resource)... Russell Nohelty .. Wannabe Press  -- Small Press 11.
First-time exhibiting at WonderCon... Corgli .... at booth 1611
Map from Corgli website:
UPDATE 3.23.28 -- photos below from Corgli's FB page show two views of booth 1611

Indie artist Mia Araujo -- Artist's Alley F-34
Art images below from her Facebook page... 
UPDATE 3.23.18 ---- photo from Mia's FB page shows her Artist's Alley table F-34
If you're at WonderCon on Saturday -- the March starts at 12 noon.

Other indies to check out at WonderCon 2018--

UPDATE 3.23.18 Booths
Purrmaids/Christine Knopp booth 1808 (photo from FB page)
Small Press
Brett Bean (SP 80) Chris Ayers (SP 82)  Fanbase Press (SP 97) Casey Robin (SP 125)

Artist's Alley
David DePasquale (A-27); 
Elsa Chang (C-37); Morghan Gill (C-46); Everyday art/Nidhi Chanani (B-01); Peter Emmerich (A-28); Naomi Romero (A-36); Sean Galloway (C-06); HoraTora Studios/Christie Shinn (E-50); Chelsea Kenna (D-05)

UPDATE 3.23.18 -- artist Liz Climo shared this on her FB page. The Orange County Libraries' table is in the Fan Clubs area, FC-20.

This link for WonderCon 2018 Quick Guide includes complete list of exhibitors/Small Press/Artist's Alley:

And of course, be sure to stop by booth 1509.....
Claire Wendling will be at WonderCon. Check the SNB booth at the show for her schedule.