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If your're lucky enough to be in the SF Bay area this weekend, quick grab your ticket to a great talk with artist Ronnie del Carmen. This talk is an outstanding opportunity to hear one of the real leaders in the field of animation. More info here:

Here's the museum's description of the talk:
Fascinated by the process of animation but mystified by how it works? Join us for a five-part series about the basics of animation production that were followed in Walt’s time and are still applicable today.  Part I: STORY covers how a film’s story is shaped and defined, how a script is developed, the importance of concept art, and how storyboards and animatics figure into the process. Guest speaker: Ronnie del Carmen, Pixar Animation Studios director, story supervisor and designer. - 

And here are links to Ronnie's website:
and his blog

Ronnie is a long-time supporter of Stuart Ng Books . We've carried all of his sketchbooks and he was one of our first guest artists .. signing at our booth at SDCC back in 2008!


The Chemical Heritage Foundation Library (CHF) is one of the best science museums ever! This gentle gem is the quiet neighbor of the Liberty Bell and Independence Square in Philadelphia, PA. Enjoy this video of their exhibition "Books of Secrets" that pairs rare manuscripts with paintings of alchemists at work! Exhibit runs from Dec 5, 2014 - Sept 4, 2015.
and here is link to more info on CHF website:

Saturday, October 4, 2014


Too much of a good thing??? Check out this list of great dealers who exhibited at the Pasadena Book Fair!
Lots of colleagues at that show -- always a wonderful event. SNB not there only because APE(Alternative Press Expo) in SF the same weekend.

GET INSPIRED -- PRINTERS FAIR 2014 -- UPDATED Oct 8 (blue text, new link)

So excited to visit the annual Los Angeles Printers Fair, held at the International Printing Museum

This show is such a delight. Wonderful to see it growing! Also lots of exciting expansion plans for the Intl. Printing Museum -- which celebrated its 25th anniversary last year. Paper arts and artisans are alive and well thank you -- and so are their fans!

Lots of pics and links with this post ... just some hightlights here on the blog. There was LOTS MORE at the fair.

The program guide had a beautiful paper cover (Crane's Lettra , Flourescent White 110C) -- and lots of info inside --

This little gem of a museum is only minutes from our showroom. Like us, they are open on Saturdays (the Printers  Fair is only once a year). It was heartwarming to see how the museum is adding to its interior space!

In addition to the Printers Fair -- the museum was open for tours and live demos ..covering print from its past..
 to today ...

Exhibitors could be found at tables and booths -- some inside, but most outside in a large tent that occupied the museums usual parking lot. (Parking for the event was available across the street).

Here's a view of the tent as you approached ..

and here's a random view from inside ...

So many lovely prints ... handmade cards ... and all sorts of delights. I LOVE prints, but I've been collecting a long time and have run out of display and storage room. That's why I now ADORE cards! They are a great way to share a little artwork with a friend -- and get the images and name of an artist OUT THERE in the world. You just never know where your cards end up folks -- so TIP TO ARTISTS --- make sure your cards have your website and contact info on them! Your card might be your calling card to your next great collector or job.

Meanwhile ... here are just a few of the tables and artists that caught my eye (and my $$ -- I mean, investment in their efforts :)

De Milo Design, Studio and Letterpress

Kiss and Punch Designs

CJ Whitlock art

click pic below to enlarge and check out her framed print on her table of the blue whale and yellow submarine! So great!

This next table had more SUPER TEMPTING prints!! You can find more on their Etsy site.
Panicle Designs (pssst artists -- always a bonus to have a charming, "keeper" image on your business card!)

The cards at Warren Tales had lots of interactive options --- quite clever!

 Loved the "Thank you (d)oodles" card for artists --- add your own drawings. And" Haiukte" for writers!
On the typewriter card, the image detaches and is a postcard on back. And there's a whole series of the connect the dot cards that spell out the greeting. Can you figure out the sample here??
 She also had these handmade cards that paired cancelled stamps -- super thoughtful re-use of great images!

Besides big tent to explore outside the main buildings -- the museum has a gift shop in a separate building ...

and there was a smaller tent to print your own t-shirt ..

Around the corner ... a peek inside the museum's mobile operation -- where the museum's famous "Ben Franklin" and his printing press come to YOU.

This touring exhibit offers a 2-hour, interactive educational experience, available for schools, events... even b'day parties!

Back inside the other half the museum -- More printing art and artists to discover ..

Regret I don't have picture of this table .. but Paper Pasteries has an engaging series of custom return address rubber stamps -- what a great holiday gift idea!!

Found one of my favorite creatures -- a little bat -- hanging out with buddies at Papermum Press
and the bee-themed items from Kupchick

more greeting card fun at the Pup and Pony table ..

Really loved these images at Modern Optic's table ..

My first purchase/investment of the day was this little charmer with a quote from Dr. Seuss ....
  that I found at the table for Sunshine 'n Tangerines

All this and so much more ... so inspiring to see all this creativity ... in a setting that celebrates the history of printing making ... and the printed word.
Final tip to artists --- you work so hard to make your art. Make sure your art works just as hard for you! Label your cards and prints with your website or contact info (on the item itself when appropriate). Highlight when items are hand-made -- it's a great chance to to share your story. When you EDUCATE your collector, they can appreciate what makes your art special. Your audience buys an image that appeals to them. Use that image to make a connection between your patron and your craft. Encourage people to love and support the arts :) Everyone benefits....

OCT 6th update -- BONUS print image by Poli Marichal...... you can see another image of her's in my 2011  post on the Printers Fair. At this 2014 show, she had an image that caught my eye with a lovely big FISH! I don't have a picture of it; but it's a reminder why it's important to go see these events in person! I wasn't able to chat with her at the show, but we've emailed since and she she kindly forwarded the image below to share here on the blog. More on her website:

OCT 8 UPDATE --- WOW! This has become a popular post on the blog. Thanks everyone for sharing. If you're new to my blog, please look at the "Your Guide" post.
Lots of educational highlights there,  such as this post on "Copyright Info for artists" with links to resources regarding unauthorized use of images posted on internet

Previous post here on the blog for 2011 LA Printers Fair

Hope you enjoyed these highlights of just a few of the artists at the Printers Fair. There was a variety of work on view. Congrats to the museum for providing a home for this lively event.  

The International Printing Museum has launched a 25th Anniversary Building Campaign... There is even a GIFT-MATCHING program for 2014, from by PIASC (Printing Industries Association of So Cal) providing a 100% matching grant for all donations, so your contribution NOW has double the impact!
In addition to hosting the annual Los Angeles Printers Fair, the museum has a calendar of events, highlighted by their own annual programs in the summer ..
 and a special Charles Dickens-themed celebration for the holiday season

Include a stop at the International Printing Museum with your next Saturday visit to our showroom. Make a date to see the Los Angeles Printers Fair on Saturday Oct 3, 2015!

Thursday, October 2, 2014


Two great reasons to visit Stuart Ng Books in October ... these annual events held  minutes from our showroom in Torrance ......
First Saturday in October is the annual Los Angeles Printers Fair held at the International Printing Museum.
Here's link for post about 2014 fair

Previous blog post on this event with photos: (pics below are from 2011 Printer's Fair)

Here's link to info on this year's fair:

Later this month, (Oct 25th and 26th) is the 22nd Annual Model Train Show, held at the South Coast Botanic Garden.

Previous blog post:
Link to this year's train show