Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Art Theft -- Editorial on Artsy.net about fighting fashion industry plagiarism

some bullet points below on this 9.19.16 article "How Artists Are Fighting Back Against the Fashion Industry's Plagiarism Problem" an editorial by Isacc Kaplan on Artsy.net.


This article includes story of theft of image by artist Kesh ... which was done as design in collaboration with American Apparel (below right), then was produced as unauthorized version by Versace.

1) cites more case studies of art theft and outcome

2) interesting point by lawyer Jeff Gluck,(in NY) urging caution on calling out infringes on social media. "If the infringement isn't made public, companies may be more inclined to settle... artists should be very careful their statements are accurate and not libelous." also Gluck advises artists to always, somehow, get (their) signature onto anything they produce."

3) When lawyers get involved, settlement is usually the outcome. 

4) update on Tuesday Bassen case.... "Bassen has found an attorney to represent some of the 40 artists in negotiations with Zara's lawyers." The legal fees are on a contingency basis.

5) Lawyer Gluck notes that lawyers will often take these cases on contingency. "Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for an artist --- even if they have no money and are living paycheck to paycheck -- to reach out to us." 

Article also discusses importance of REGISTRATION of copyright. 

While the article cites a registration fee of $35 per work (which is true) article neglects to mention that it is possible to register copyright for bundles of unpublished images and that is a good habit for artists to get into.

For more case studies of art theft -- and ways artists cope --- see this previous post: http://stuartngbooks.blogspot.com/2016/09/combat-art-theft-case-studies-and.html

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Long Beach Comic Con 2016 UPDATED 9.26.16

Had a one-day visit at Long Beach Comic Con.
Always glad to catch up with artist pals, but for this con, I was attending to see some panels.
Two of the panels I attended were recorded for The Business of Art podcast. Here'a a link for the podcast. I will update with specific links to the panels when they are available.

UPDATE 9.26.16 --- Link for panel podcast: 310 tips to help you crush it on Kickstarter

Enjoyed hearing panelists (and exhibitors) Russell Nohelty, Wannabe Press http://www.wannabepress.com/
Madeleine Holly-Rosing, Boston Metaphysical Society http://bostonmetaphysicalsociety.com/
Barbra Dillon, Fanbase Press http://www.fanbasepress.com/
among others.

Attending panels was an early reason I started going to cons. Now that I can attend more of them again, I'm reminded of the value panels add to your convention badge.

Panels provide insight into the career paths of artists and their current interests.
Learning about life as an artist-entrepreneur includes topics you'll find on panels. Plus... panelists are often also exhibiting at the convention.

Here are other highlights from this year's Long Beach Comic Con.
Lobby and ticket area...

Artist Alley was centrally located in the Exhibit Hall..
An early stop was to catch up with artist friend Morghan Gill.
She is launching her first Kickstarter soon for an art book. See more of her art, and get updates on her Kickstarter here: http://www.pictaram.com/user/teatigercafe/1527961558

And speaking of Kickstarter... picked up most recent book from artist Jeff Victor (photo courtesy of Jeff) http://www.jeffvictor.com/
Artist pal Brett Bean was a draw http://www.drawntoitstudios.com/
.. and busy drawing.. all day. In photo below he's chatting with girl scouts.
Girl scouts were a common sight at this con due to Girl Scout workshops as special programming! 
There was a featured table for Women of STEM at the popular annual attraction at this con.. the
Space Expo

This young Alien cosplayer got a lot of attention near the Space Expo.
Other family friendly attractions... laser tag..
And Video games...

More views around the Exhibit Floor...

Delightful cosplay of characters Otto and Victoria from artist Brian Kesinger
So much Press coverage at comic conventions these days...
Outdoor photo ops are always popular
Here are two of several cars with film and TV themes parked just outside the convention center for photos...

Caricature booths have become popular. In part I think for the opportunity for tired attendees to sit in a chair for a break from their wanderings...
Here's a booth always worth visiting...
Hero Initiative charity....http://heroinitiative.org/

Long Beach Comic Con program cover.
Exhibit Hall floor plan. 
Dates for next years Long Beach shows... 

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Horse Show 2016

Southern California coastal weather was icing on the cake of this year's Portuguese Bend National Horse Show. Three days of hunter-jumper events... and lots of family friendly activities.

This show is a premiere sketching opportunity for artists. You can get close up to all the action in a setting that is brimming with all sorts of amenities. The mild temps and seaside breezes make this location superior to most other equine venues.

I wasn't able to stay as long this year.... but here are some highlights.

This life-size fiberglass thoroughbred marks the entrance for the show site at Ernie Howlett Park...
The approach to the park entrance has this mascot.. and signs for the VIP parking for horse trainers and show staff...
Free public parking across the street....

Shuttle buses bring attendees to the show grounds and run frequently throughout the day....
The walk to the admission tent allows a close-up view of the temporary stables, erected in the Park's dirt parking lot.
These stalls are home for the weekend for many of the horses entered.
The line for public admission tickets moves briskly...
All ages attend this show...
The general seating area on these bleachers fills up quickly. Families gather on blankets under the shade of trees on the grassy knoll.
Next to the knoll, is a full sports bar... with TVs and seating..

Under the large main tent, half of the shady space is for lots of picnic tables. The surrounding smaller tents have country fair games... and food: burgers, fruit salads, corn on the cob...
The other half of the large tent has activities for the younger set... 
The Hay Bale Boutique has clothing and sea-horse themed gift items for sale.
All of the proceeds from the show.. including all the activities, food, gifts and games... are for the benefit of Children's Hospital Los Angeles.

Two rings of horse show competition. This ring by the grassy knoll offers close-up views of all the action.

Just west of the show rings is an exercise ring for the riders to warm up their entries.This handy snack station makes the round for busy exhibitors who can't get to the food tents.

The show committee adds plants and floral arrangements around the tents and rings.
Much of the decor is also available for sale.
I always have my eye on the fiberglass livestock that appears annually. But they are all NFS (not for sale).
The real horses are bathed, groomed and kept quite comfortable. This horse is wearing a stylish fly mask while he enjoys a bit of people watching...

One grey horse had his own fan blowing on him while he waited his turn at the tack room.
Two grey horses side by side... making heads and tails of the event.
Maybe next  year I'll find out if this show mascot has a name....
See more events at the show and photos in this link... just 1 of 5 posts from last year's show:

This link (1 of 9 from the 2011 show) has views of the park before and during the show... and has photos of a nearby equine art mural....http://stuartngbooks.blogspot.com/2011/09/1-day-until-horse-show-sept-9-11.html