Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Art has Value: Selling at cons, Are IP jobs safe, How to Price Design Services, Podcast episode (updated 5.11)

Sharing 5 links for some good resources that popped up on my radar recently....

1) is a blog post by artist Nolan Nassar.

It's always good to read info from other artists who are SELLING at conventions. Not just exhibiting... but making consistent sales and sharing tips. My favorite quote from this post:

"When people buy a print from you or your online store, those people are buying an extension of themselves, not your art. That’s how most people shop for almost everything, but especially creative things like decor. They are looking for that item that accurately expresses who they are. You’re not actually selling yourself and your art at a convention; you’re selling somebody else a piece of themselves. It isn’t always about expressing who you are as an artist. That’s certainly a big part of it; however, if you want to do that and make income as an independent artist, you have to appeal to people’s need to relate to and express themselves through art."

Read the entire post here...

2) is link via NPR...

"Will Your Job Be Done By a Machine????"
This link is interactive. You can select a pulldown menu of occupations and then specific jobs. Always good to see what other professions are struggling with.. and succeeding at...


3) this nifty You Tube clip on how to Price Design Services. Notice the CONFIDENCE this artist brings to this talk.

4) Episode on a podcast I highly recommend: "The Business of Art"

"How to Sell at Conventions" panel hosted by Russell Nohelty at Long Beach Comic Con, w/
 Madeleine Holly-Rosing, Gwendolyn Dreyer, Daniel De Sosa, and Mike Wellman

5) 3.25.17 article "10 Things to Consider When Pricing Illustrations" by John Roman on Printmag.com
A good list of points here to make sure artists cover in their contracts for illustration jobs.

For more links and resources on the value of art, see these previous posts on the blog: