Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Recap and random tour of gratitude, 2014 edition

Wishing everyone the peace and joy of the holiday season. Thank you for your support.
Celebrate what inspires you. Here's a tour of things I'm thankful for....

 horses and science...


 house cake at Eatalian Cafe

 Marty Mouse
 CTNX     and CSG
 pixar movies..
 Stuart Ng Books

 USPS Spongebob Mailboxes ..
 Harry Potter Stamps!

 Maleficent (art below by Sho Murase
artist pals like Terryl Whitlatch

French comics in Los Angeles ..
 Claire Wendling watercolors ....
 art by Mike Yamada & Victoria Ying

Walt Disney Family Museum
art by Geninne


Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Holiday spotlight -- Big Hero 6 -- signed by the filmmakers

Lots of new titles in the store right now .. perfect for holiday shopping. Recent Disney hit Big Hero 6 has this nice "art of" book ... and Stuart got his stock signed by TEN of the filmmakers. Price is $45.

More info here:

Also in stock .. the Little Golden Book version of Big Hero 6 ... Stuart's copies are signed by Mike Yamada and Victoria Ying, who worked on the film as visual development artists AND did this illustrations for this adaptation. Super sweet price point too ... only $4.00!
details on this link

Can't decide ... choose a gift certificate ...

Friday, December 5, 2014

Family Fun -- 2014 Dickens Celebration at Intl Printing Museum dec 13 and 14th

Visit our SNB Torrance showroom Saturday, Dec 13 and you can also take in a performance and/or activities at the nearby International Printing Museum! Tickets for the performances SELL OUT, so book now. Activities available all day .. including a chance to print your own classic holiday card. Fun for all. Plus there's FOOD!!! More info on the museum website:

Monday, December 1, 2014

GET INSPIRED -- Patchwork Show Santa Ana 2014

Why go to an arts fair??? It's a great opportunity to interact with a variety of artisans. You can learn their stories and see all sorts of creative ways artists are diversifying and monetizing their work. So many of Stuart's  SNB artist patrons produce great images. Why stop at sketchbooks?? Help your art help you make it as a free-lance artist. It can be done... and these shows are proof. Plus it's a chance to get outside and see different parts of So Cal.. and there's FOOD. Don't even get me started on the S'mores!!!

More on the Patchwork shows on their webste

General admission is FREE!!! Every show has an info tent.
The Patchwork show venues I've been to have been Long Beach and this one in Santa Ana. Both are scenic and have a wonderful, small town feel...

There are so many artists exhibiting a wide variety of work in different mediums. Lots to discover and get inspired by. It's great to see artists get creative with ways to share their work .. and market themselves along with their images.

You'll see that again and again with the artists highlighted here. It's SO IMPORTANT. Make it easy and quick for someone who picks up an image (and is attracted to it) to find out who made it and how to contact them.

Don't underestimate your Smalls ... business cards, postcards, buttons, magnets ... these "little" items can be big contributors to your branding efforts.

Here are a just a few of the booths and artists that were at this event...


Hard to tell if it was just the images ... or the good karma .. that drew me to this both. Painter Shannon had previously shown at galleries and was a first-time exhibitor at this show. After months of So Cal drought ... wouldn't you know it... there was RAIN to deal with. Shannon had a wonderful, unruffled attitude about it... and listening to her talking about it with another attendee made me even more curious to see her work.

The "starving artist" cliche might be romantic, but let's be practical. Artists have to be adaptable ... and it was great to see someone willing to strike out on her own and try something new. A good reminder that a new venue can introduce you to a new market!! Yes, she had lovely originals with her. And perhaps a purchase like that was more an aspiration than an opportunity on this day... but gold star for her for showcasing so many OPTIONS to enjoy her work.
In addition to originals... she had high-quality greeting cards with the same images. This is a great way to let a patron bring home a work to enjoy and ponder .... or perhaps send on in the card form to another collector. Each card had a sticker on the back with the name of her website.
Below is pic of Shannon with one of her originals..
 Shannon Richardson paintings link


Next stop was a collection of work that intrigued me for its re-purposing of found objects .. in this case, the artist, Robyn, has friends who work in ceramics, so she arranges bits of  broken pottery to frame her own work. Of course, it's the colors and textures she's adding that give the whole process her unique stamp. And there's a comic art connection ... click on image below to enlarge and you'll she her Day of the Dead riff on classic comic characters!

In addition to works with the ceramic frames .. she also had smaller works .. and cards. Like the frames, there was a texture element to these pieces, with the fabric canvases and the chunky, block-like frames. The feeling with "Art" is usually "look, but don't touch." But these works had a playful sense of tension with that expectation, where the materials used invited touch. Art like this is fun, approachable, and affordable ... what's not to love?

Here are two cards..
 Here are two of the small, block works..
here they are at an agle so you can see the depth of the blocky frames
More info here ....Bungalow Art Studio.. Robyn Freeley

This Patchwork show in downtown Santa Ana included lots of vintage architecture... worth looking up and enjoying...


This booth had fun with vintage images .. turning them into witty gifts and coasters...

They also do custom orders!
 Cheltenham Road "Vintage Style handmade for you" more coaster images also on Esty

As you  might imagine, living and work space in SNB land has lots of bookshelves and not much wall space. I'm always attracted to racks of cards. With postcards and cards I can send a bit of art with a note to a friend ... tuck the image into a tiny frame for a gift ...  have a handy bookmark .. or decorate some space on a bookshelf (as if we have any of that :)


These pretty cards and graphics are by Courtney Oquist.... once again, contact info included on all the cards! Gold star :)
 she also had pic below to enlarge and read where her business card lists her as "artist, art teacher, friend." Charming example of injecting some whimsy and personality into a small item.
 and sweet little magnets....
Even more options at her booth.....
Courtney Oquist link

There were lots of roads to wander down ... with food options on every path...


If you get the chance... you must try these made-from-scratch Torch S'mores. So incredible!! They were at the Long Beach show and I was super happy to find them again. They are just getting started so the website isn't fully operational yet ... but look for their cart. So yummmy!!!
 Here's a view of the Torch s'mores set-up .... only web address I have is for catering company they are part of ..
Back to art .. and cards...


Here are some samples..

these and more at the booth...
here's the link for website

Thank goodness most of the vendors had tents... as we had RAIN that day!!!
but nothing could dampen my enthusiasm for clever offerings like these...


unique jewelry items ... handmade .... FROM BOOKS!!!
Again.. excellent, educational marketing. Artist Laura had an instructional display ... and postcard-sized "business cards" that explained the process of making the pieces ... how to care for them... and some philosophy as well (she uses discarded books, not vintage collectibles...)

In all my years in books .. I've never seen anything like these. Super inspiring... and cool!!!

see more images and the backstory on her website


Also clever art .. and marketing .. at the Human Tree Robot booth..
Wonderful array of sizes and price points...
 Here's artist Mark Brunner
The individual works are framed on blocks that can stand alone or be hung on a display. What really got me was how compelling it was to line up 3 to 5 of the individual blocks and make your own narrative story from the images. Super fun .. and of course, it made you want to buy in multiples. (Genius!!).

I opted for the magnets... so many ways to play with the that's fun and inclusive... 

See more on this Human Tree Robot link

So ..... some new discoveries... and also glad to see some artists I knew from previous events... and featured on my posts for Patchwork shows and the LA Printers Fair


Award winning witty cards and graphics ....

 Warren Tales ..

More card fun..

Here are 2 sample images from her etsy page....

and her booth at this show....
 Paper Wilderness

Cards, buttons and felt animals.... and more super-smart this next stop...

SQUSHIES (yes, that's how it's spelled :)

The tag on the squirrel contains the story of the character .. and the back of the button has a sticker with the website address...
also hoop art .. and a 3-d paper scuplt featured on their Facebook page....
Overall pic of their booth from the same FB page...
check out more of their characters and adventures on their website


Spirits were high in spite of the stormy weather. Get inspired by attending an art show. Support your local arts community....
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