Saturday, April 14, 2018

copyright case updates, tips on talking with clients about budget

Here are 2 updates on indie artist copyright claims cases...

1 ) Lili Chin -
Lili's blog post

2) Enamel pin case update
Susie Ghahremani --

Educated fans mean more protection for indie artist rights.

Indie artist Lily Williams
shared this "I Do Not Work For Free" info graphic on her Facebook page.... along with a link to customize it for other artists. @LWbean

If you'd like to make your own or modify my template, please do. I just ask that you tag me (@LWbean) in your posts if you share it online. Your time is valuable.

And for artists, this clip from "The Futur" on You Tube role plays ways to interact with clients regarding pricing and budget for graphic art assignments..