Sunday, December 17, 2017

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Walt Disney's Bambi - Pierre Lambert's latest Disney Animation art book following Sleeping BeautyThe Jungle Book, and Snow White.

Like those volumes, this volume is licensed only for France and will never appear in print in English. So the text is in French; however, anyone ordering this book from Stuart Ng Books will receive our exclusive English language translation booklet, illustrated with five unpublished deer movement studies by Rico Lebrun!

Our shipment is currently on a boat crossing the Atlantic and we expect it to arrive the first week of January 2018.

Take a look at our Bambi page to see 17 page spreads and a video of Pierre flipping thru the entire book!

Walt Disney's Bambi

I saw Don Hahn at the Disney Feature Animation this week and he was kind enough to sign his brand new book for us. Don is a producer (Beauty and the Beast, Lion King, Maleficent), director (Waking Sleeping Beauty), and writer of seven books.

Yesterday's Tomorrow: Disney's Magical Mid-Century - Don's latest book is is a collection of beautiful mid-century design work for Disney's animation and live-action films, theme park, television, space documentaries, the World's Fair, and more! Including: Mary Blair; Tom Oreb; Eyvinde Earle; John Hench; Walt Peregoy's color concepts for 101 Dalmations; Polish designed posters for Disney films; concept art for Toot, Whistle, Plunk and Boom; 20,000 Leagues under the Sea; Disneyland; architect Welton Becket; and more.

Yesterday's Tomorrow

Tale as Old as Time: The Art and Making of Beauty and the Beast - Signed by the author Charles Solomon and by Don Hahn, producer of both the animated and live action versions of Beauty and the Beast. This book covers the making of the 1991 animated feature Beauty and the Beast in depth, devoting three-quarters of its pages to the animated film. This 2017 revised edition has 48 additional pages devoted to the live action version currently on Netflix.

Tale as Old as Time

Art of Wakfu Season 3 - This hardcover French animation art book is in the familiar Disney/Pixar format, 208 pages, over 250 color illustrations, and fully bilingual in English and French. Wakfu Season 3 will be available on Netflix April 2018.

We also have some of the earlier out-of-print Making of Wakfu Artbooks also fully bilingual in English and French.

Art of Wakfu Season 3

Générations Science-Fiction: De Flash Gordon à Matrix - a beautifully photographed collection of Sci-Fi movie production and advertising original art and screen used props, from the seventies to the present. It has never been published in English, but the text is minimal and each picture is worth a thousand words.


Star Wars, Objets du Mythe - an incredible collection of Star Wars production and advertising original art and screen used props, beautifully photographed. It has never been published in English--and probably never will--but the text is minimal and the illustrations are the draw here.

Star Wars, Objets du Mythe

Denis Bodart Sketchbook: Various Sketches & Tributes - The Belgian artist's first sketchbook since 2007. Beautifully produced by the Andenne BD shop Atomik Strip. Limited to 200 Signed & Numbered copies worldwide. We are the only source outside of Europe.

Denis Bodart Sketchbook

Armand Baltazar's Timeless: Diego and the Rangers of the Vastlantic - Special Edition with an Original Drawing


Gregory Manchess' Above the Timberline - Special Edition with an Original Drawing

Above the Timberline

Zao Dao is back in stock - We ordered a LOT of Zao Dao's two art books Carnet Sauvage and Le souffle du vent dans les pins. The books sold like hotcakes at CTNX and we brought back just four of each title. Our next supply will not arrive before March.

Zao Dao

Frazetta Sketchbooks 1 & 2 - Back in stock in all three versions:  Softcover, Hardcover, and Deluxe Slipcased Hardcover with 16 extra pages!

Frazetta Sketchbooks

Intermingled with our new titles, we have dozens of out-of-print titles:

Darwyn Cooke's Absolute DC: The New Frontier and Richard Stark's Parker: The Martini Edition
Giger's Alien
The Suggestionists: Three Exhibitions by Jamie Hewlett
Click! (A Woman Under the Influence) - The English Language First Printing Hardcover
The Glamour Girls of Bill Ward
Skywald: The Complete Illustrated History of the Horror-MoodI hope you'll explore our New Arrivals and maybe even take a deeper dive into our site!

Illustration 58

Since we have added about 250 titles to our New Arrivals, our 50 new sketchbooks and art books from CTNX are now three pages deep! Click here to go directly to Page 3!

See the latest books from the top artists and designers in the animation industry.

Elsa Chang, Jake Parker, Michelle Lin, Mike Yamada, Peter Emmerich, David DePasquale, Griselda Sastrawinata-Lemay and Normand Lemay, Brian Ajhar, John Polidora, EliOli Ceballos, Mel Milton, Randy Bishop, Jesse Aclin, Amber Aki Huang, Shae Shatz, Wouter Tulp, Eda Kaban, Grace Kum, Brynn Metheney, James Johnson, and others!

Here is just a sampling...

Jie Deng and Jing Ouyang

Elsa Chang's latest - a super collection of her drawings of girls on their bikes!

Peter Emmerich - Atramento 1-3 each signed with a drawing by the artist

Mel Milton - Dooks 1 & 2

Eda Kaban

Grace Kum

Brynn Metheney

100 Tuesday Tips by Gris and Norm

100 Tuesday Tips by Gris and Norm

Al Wiseman's 1958 classic: Dennis the Menace in Hawaii! The 100-page comic, complete and unabridged, and 92 pages of extra artwork, articles, and interviews with Ketcham, Toole, and others. It is more about Wiseman than I've seen anywhere else!

Dennis the Menace in Hawaii

Periples Imaginaires: Hugo Pratt Watercolors 1965-1995

Periples Imaginaires: Hugo Pratt Watercolors