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#LightboxExpo2019 -- (1 of 5) UPDATE 9.20.19 -- MORE VIDEO WALK-THROUGHS

The feedback on this new Expo was overwhelming positive. Everything thing from "exceeds expectation on all levels" to "new favorite show of the year." 
Here are links to some articles about the show:

Lighbox Expo photo gallery posted by Gary Catig on

Congrats to all the hard work by the teams behind the scenes. Especially co-founders Jim Deomakos (l) and Bobby Chiu (r), along with and Lightbox Advisory Council of top artists
There are 5 posts here on the blog for  Lightbox Expo 2019.

This Post#1 of 5  is where I post You Tube videos with walk-through tours of the Expo and commentary. I've chosen these as a mix of artist/exhibitor/panelists as well as attendees who came from out of the area.

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Recap of previous post here about SNB at Lightbox... (updated w/ photos)

Stuart Ng Books booth #116 was a popular gathering place throughout the Expo. Here are just two of the artists who signed at the SNB booth.


Jorge Gutierrez, Director of The Book of Life and the upcoming Maya and the Three (Netflix), will be signing his book of paintings, Border Bang, at our booth at Lightbox Expo Sunday from 3pm to 5pm. Stuart Ng Books Booth 116.

Loish will be signing her books at our booth at Lightbox Expo Saturday and Sunday from 10am to noon. Stuart Ng Books Booth 116.

Details on the signings at SNB booths always appear first on Stuart's weekly newsletter. Sign up via this "join our mailing list" link from the SNB website.

Artist Signings at
Stuart Ng Books
Booth 116 at Lightbox

Friday noon-3pm - Ryan Sook will be signing and sketching in his Preliminati Vol. 2

Friday 2pm-4pm - Glen Murakami

Saturday 10am-noon - Loish will be signing her two books: The Art of Loish: A Look Behind the Scenes and The Sketchbook of Loish: Art in progress

Saturday 2pm-4pm - Iris Compiet will be signing her brand-new sketchbook Secrets of the Faultlines and Beyond 

Saturday 2:30pm-4:30pm - Tonko House Founders Robert Kondo and Dice Tsutsumiwill be signing The Dam Keeper graphic novels, including the brand-new Book 3!

Sunday 10am-noon - Loish will be back signing her two books

Sunday 10am-1pm - Iris Compiet will be back signing her new book

Sunday 1pm-4pm - Kent Williams will be signing his art books Not Strangers, Via Lactea and Eklectikos.

Sunday 1pm-4pm - William Wray will be signing his new book of paintings Abstract and other books

Sunday 3pm-5pm - Award-winning Director Jorge Gutierrez will be signing his book of cross-cultural paintintings Border Bang!

Djamila Knopf will be signing limited edition prints produced especially for Lightbox!
Loish signs Saturday and Sunday
Robert and Dice sign Saturday
Iris Compiet signs Saturday 2pm - 4pm and Sunday 10am - 1pm
Bill Wray signs Sunday 1pm-4pm
Jorge Gutierrez
Jorge Gutierrez signs Sunday 3pm - 5pm


 The guest list and programming can be found on the Lightbox Expo website.

The icon returns to California as a featured guest at this event!
Check the Lightbox Expo website for her panel appearances. She will also be at the SNB booth throughout the show. (2 photos below from Lightbox Expo website)

Wendling was at table 334 and had a steady crowd of colleagues and fans visiting all 3 days of the Expo.

Wendling was last in California in 2015 and 2016.
Several posts on the blog from those trips. Here's one from 2015 with lots of background on the artist.


Lecture Friday 1-2PM, Conference Center room 204

FLYING MONSTERS: Illustrating Flying Vertebrates with Whitlatch and Dr. Michael Habib

How do you get a Pegasus off the ground? Or a dragon? Or a Griffin? And in a way that is scientifically possible, and therefore adds authenticity to your creature building and animation? Join Creature Designer Terryl Whitlatch and world class Paleontologist Dr. Michael Habib in this cutting edge presentation on flight in pterosaurs, birds, and bats and their application to flying vertebrates of the imagination.

Demo Sunday 10AM - Noon, Demo Station 2, Exhibition Center

Terryl Whitlatch and Dr. Michael Habib

Join Terryl Whitlatch and Dr. Michael Habib for a live 120 minute demo.

Terryl will also be appearing at the Design Studio Press Booth, signing her book, and selling prints. She will also have a few originals available. Don't miss out on these! Here's one of the originals:
Live demo drawing.. with A GOLDEN EAGLE. That's right. Life drawing with live eagle! Also a wolf!
Friday 4-6 PM. Conference  center room 103.

Animal Life Drawing: Birds of Prey: Eagle with Manny Carrasco

Join us for this unique opportunity to meet and draw a golden eagle up close and personal with artist and animal activist, Manny Carrasco.

LOCATION: Room 103, Conference Center
TIME: 4:00 PM - 6:00 PM

Manny has posted many of his adventures in the field studying and sketching wildlife. He is one of the founders of Expedition Art.

SATURDAY -- Life drawing with a live wolf!!
From You Tube link below: "Charlotte Belland is the Chair and an Associate Professor of Animation at the Columbus College of Art & Design. She is a prolific teacher and animal illustrator who, through fortuitous serendipity, will be bringing a frickin' wolf to her life drawing presentation at LightBox Expo!"

Animal Lifedrawing: Journey the Ambassador Wolf with Charlotte Belland

Join us for this unique opportunity to meet and draw "Journey" the Ambassador Wolf up close and personal with Charlotte Belland.

LOCATION: Room 103, Conference Center
TIME: 4:15 PM - 5:30 PM

Next 4 photos below are a few pages from the Lightbox brochure. 

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