Thursday, September 12, 2019

#LightboxExpo2019 -- Inside and outside (2 of 5)

VLOG by Lightbox co-founder Bobby Chiu..
Lightbox Expo 2019 was three days of extraordinary. It was a unique celebration of top level artists as peers. So many artists meeting up, exchanging ideas, making contacts, mentoring young artists. The sharp focus on concept art creators gave this event a special sizzle. #Lightbox2019
The venue was the Pasasdena Convention Center. A terrific location with special benefits for exhibitors (easy load in and load out). 

Right from the huge art displays in the main lobby..
There were so many icon artists represented... below are just two..
Terryl Whitlatch

Not just on posters... in person too! So photogenic (and both are long-time friends of SNB).
An abundance of posted signage meant that it was easy to see all the options for programs. (there was also a popular app available)
Opening on Friday at noon with key note speakers. So many hands when up when Bobby Chiu
asked: "who is here from out of town."

The keynote address by artists Karla Ortiz

and Iain McCaig
 highlighted the importance of finding ways to connect (often over good coffee). And answered the question: Why another Expo? Because it's the same as asking "Why another drawing?" More chances to learn, grow, create, share, discover, improve, inspire. Iain shared how when artists gather we can appreciate the powerful light of inspiration that attracts us all, and how each artist is a mirror around that light, reflecting it in their own unique way.
The keynote address also introduced the first ever award show for concept artists..
The 2019 Concept Art Awards, presented by Lightbox Expo, are part of the Concept Art Association's
mission of "...elevating the profile of concept artists, their air and their involvement in various entertainment industries."
 (Award show program below, cover art by Iain McCaig)
The entrance to the Lightbox Expo exhibit hall..

Show hours...
and show sponsors..
Inside the main hall
Two copies of this large map -- one at each end of the hall -- was handy for attendees and exhibitors.
Plus there was a map available as a handout/flyer (example below highlights location of SNB booth and table for Wendling)
want even more to see??? 
Lightbox Expo delivered... a second ballroom full of exhibitors. You could enter via "More Exhibitors" doorway from exhibit hall

Or through the main lobby..
Here's where you would find many of the Studio booths.. (Sony Pictures Animation and Netflix below)

It was also the space for indie artists like John Nevarez

and publisher and long-time SNB colleague John Fleskes.
Outside on the plaza, there was an interactive version of the Lightbox Logo..

Back inside.. the lobby was busy all three days with live demos..

Among the high-caliber demo artists -- Disney visual development artist Brittney Lee

The beautiful, spacious lobby areas were put to good use. There was also seating available near the windows. And water stations!!!

Long lines were part of the Portfolio Review experience. But the calibler of pros on hand to give out tips made the wait worth it!

Many of the panels where held at the conference center building.. multi-story with beautiful light...
Major sponsor Procreate had a huge center set up with lots of folks trying out this popular tool.
Here's a view of the exhibit hall right before opening on the last day..
Sunday morning outside the venue...

Shot below was from on my early morning walk...
And in the afternoon, right when the Expo closed...

It's sunset on Lightbox Expo for 2019. Be there next year!

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