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#LightboxExpo2019 -- booths and tables (3 of 5) UPDATED 10.18.19

9.14.19 2nd update -- MORE PHOTOS AND LINKS.

The lively exhibit hall floor was busy with attendees. Yes, this was a "meet and greet" type of event, but there was plenty of buying too. That's important! While it's wonderful to meet artists at their booth at a convention -- please remember that they often have steep expenses involved with getting to and setting up at an event.
Buying directly from an artist at their booth is the best way to show you "love their work."
Here are some of the fun tables I discovered and artist friends I visited with...

BILL ROBINSON, Flimflammery
I'm always shopping for greeting cards, and Bill had one of the largest selections at the show. When artists sell cards, they help their art work do more work for them. There is the initial sale, but then also the card gets sent to someone, or perhaps framed for display. Make sure your cards have your name and contact information. Brand your work. Make it easy for folks who like the card image to see your credit and find you.


UPDATE 9.15.19 Well known for his steampunk themed book series.
and also his charming Star Wars art (which he produces with permission from the license holder because he does NOT create/sell merchandise with these images. If you see t-shirts etc with this art on it.. it's stolen and counterfeit. Fans are the front lines of fighting rampant art theft. Know what you're buying and who you're buying from. Spend your hard earned money supporting artist rights).

some sample images from her portfolio page on her website..


Finally got my copy of their fantastic "In Danger" book!! So many artist contributors, including many artist friends. I highly recommend this book for all animal art lovers. You can buy direct from them
 and I hope Stuart will be carrying it at SNB soon. 

Here's the cover
and lucky me, I got this big, beautiful drawing by one of the most accomplished wildlife artists I know  Manu Carrasco He was a headliner of panel at Lightbox on drawing birds of prey -- with a real eagle for life drawing!

I'm a longtime fan and SNB stocks her books:

Some terrific items I got from Janice at this show...

Beautiful card stock on these oversize postcards featuring her art. I snapped up several of these!
 Excellent job of putting credit and contact info directly on the card.

David's plush art, the Chonk tigers, were everywhere at the Expo! I saw so many being carried around by attendees who snapped them up from his table!

Loved the small original oil paintings he had for sale! Such a clever offering. Easy for attendees to transport home, plus the "investment" feel of buying art in that medium. Great way to grow a fan base that wants to grow with you. 
When I visited the SNB store on 9.14.19 -- it was fun to see Nick's book as one of Stuart's picks from the Expo! Signed copies of Nick's book now available at the store.

Panelist discussing her success with illustrating Children's Books. She kindly signed a number of her books for SNB stock
Lily is an artist in action -- raising awareness about important issues. I picked up a set of her postcards. Notice her credit and contact info right on the card! Great job with branding and artist rights awareness!!
You can buy these on her online store:
Here are links for Lily's books she signed at LBX for Stuart.

Long-time SNB artist pal, Steph was the artist selected by popular Little Golden Books series for their "Grumpy Cat" line of titles.
 Steph also spoke on the Illustrating Children's Books panel. The panel reached room capicity and was recorded. I'll put link here once it's available.
Young reader below clearly engaged by Steph's captivating art for her non-fiction Little Golden Books title..

Steph also had enamel pins.. featuring illustrations of her real-life cats.

Cute plush characters on her table caught my eye. Even more amazing was her story of taking her art from a Kickstater self-published book to an art assignment for the Getty Museum!!
Michelle's Kickstarter book is pictured below (Farm Cat/Pharm act), along with her Getty book.

Next up -- a table shared by

Table sharing is a great idea!! You have a booth buddy to watch your wares when you take a break. You have a chance to interact with twice as many people than if  you're at a show solo.
MJ Erickson pins and stickers...
UPDATE 9.14.19

Don't have photos of tables for these next two artists. One is a long-time favorite of mine. The other is an artist I didn't know before, but an item on her table stopped me in my tracks.

a convention favorite and super nice person. I can't resist the charm of his art. No wonder he's a popular illustrator along with his industry-related art day jobs, like being an animator at Disney.

I bought these prints... which have his signature. But boy do I wish there was a website address on the back. These little prints often become gifts. Let your artWORK do some heavy lifting for you by sharing your credit and brand.

This was a new artist for me -- and as I was typing this post, artist Claire Wendling saw the business cards I had and endorsed this artist. Wendling likes Harel's work and ...her personally. Wow!! You can't hope for higher praise than that!! 
Here's the item on Harel's table that stopped me in my tracks. Read the story behind it on this link from her website:

(next two photos are from Harel's website)

Also notice on her Bird People postcard that she advertises her upcoming Kickstarter!!! Excellent idea!! Not only will I hang onto this card, I'll make a note of checking out her crowd funding campaign when it launches. Harel isn't local -- she flew in from Europe for Lightbox. This is the sort of talent you find at this show. 

UPDATE     10.18.19 --- Her "Bird People" Kickstarter has launched. Exquisite. Surreal. Utterly unique. Don't miss out on this special project !!! 
Here's the Link:

In between checking out all the artist exhibitors, it was common to see groups of artists clustered together looking at each others work on iPads etc. No wonder the prevailing comments I heard from exhibitors and attendees ranged from "exceeds expectation on all levels" the first day... to "my new favorite show of the year" by Sunday!!

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