Thursday, October 25, 2018

Google Doodle - Tyrus Wong, links for Bambi book, Documentary

Google Doodle for Oct 25th celebrates this Disney legend.
Follow this link for more info on the creation of this doodle by artist Sophie Diao, including some of her thumbnails for the project.
The watercolor backgrounds and concept art for the classic Bambi film highlight the influence of artist Wong.

Learn more about the creation of this animation masterpiece in this new book:
From the Stuart Ng Books website link:
"Pierre Lambert's latest Disney Animation art book following Sleeping Beauty, The Jungle Book, and Snow WhiteLike those volumes, this volume is licensed only for France and will never appear in print in English.
The text is in French; however, anyone ordering this book from Stuart Ng Books will receive our exclusive English language translation booklet, illustrated with five unpublished deer movement studies by Rico Lebrun!
From the dust jacket:
75 years ago, in 1942, one of the masterworks of the Disney Studios first appeared on the screen: Bambi. Edited by Pierre Lambert, noted animation history specialist, this official book reviews for the first time the incredible artistic genesis of a movie celebrated the world around. From Marc Davis' first sketches to the magnificent pastel studies of Tyrus Wong, the book collects more than 200 preliminary studies, storyboards, layouts, animation drawings, cels, and background paintings. An exceptional art book paying homage to Walt Disney's own favorite film.
Foreword by Andreas Deja."

There was also a recent documentary on Tyrus Wong:

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