Wednesday, March 18, 2009

something for the tolerant companions 3/18

There are unsung heroes and heroines that attend every convention... and sometimes they show up at our showroom. These are the "tolerant companions"... the friends or family of the artist/student/collector attending the convention or looking art books. These tolerant companions keep themselves busy or at least distracted, waiting patiently while their loved one enjoys the time they're just marking....I have a "courtesy pass" membership in this tribe, and they have my sympathy. So here's a few pictures to show I'm thinking of them on our travels as well....

The best bakery in Angouleme... great for walk up sandwiches and snacks to fortify you while you walk around the town (having seen enough comics, tents etc).

What's this? A flower shop... but no... it's a chocolate shop in Paris where all the candies are lovingly hand-wrapped to look like flowers. Where else but France???

And my all time favorite... this little sign above the lone, large comfy armchair in a Paris BD store. I think I have just enough French to get the gist of it.... which is "this space is reserved for those who don't like BD and are waiting for their friend/family member to finish their shopping". Of course, it may not say that at all.... but I was glad to see it and use the chair while Stuart scouted a large store at the end of a long day.

We have the same sort of chair in our showroom..... Stuart's always hoping I'll move it... but as long as I keep seeing a happy wife/child/friend who is sitting there on a Saturday... waiting while their companion shops.... I figure it's in the right place.

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