Thursday, December 2, 2010

Meet the Artists, Bill Stout and Fabien M, Dec 11, 2010

We were delighted to host another lively "Meet the Artists" gathering on Dec 11th. We welcomed direct from Paris, Fabien M., the artist of the bande dessinee comedy adventure "Tikitis", and Pasadena's own William Stout, signing his new book, "Inspirations."

A highlight of the event was when Bill and Fabien both looked through a Jack Kirby portfolio from our "rare books" shelf....and Bill, who knew Kirby, shared some insight into Kirby's work and life.... Here's Stuart w/ the "Tikitis" team, artist Fabien M, writer Jerry Frissen, and Humanoids Editor Bob Silva...

As usual, the artists were busy drawing sketches for the many mail orders for the event, as well as chatting with the patrons who attended that day.

Don't miss out on the next event! They are announced via Stuart's email... and on our website.

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