Monday, January 2, 2012

BTS updated 2/22, with look at Pres Romanillos sketchbook

Here at the blog we're still celebrating all the gifts of inspiration from December... and maybe an Alphabet theme for the New Year.

Dec 12th, we reached a milestone of 30,000 + all-time pageviews.. then topped it with 31,000 on Dec 22nd! From Dec 15th - 22nd, we've welcomed countries #90 - 95. On 12/29, country #96, Barbados.. 12/31 #97 Estonia. On Jan 4th -- #98 Albania and Jan 12th.. Kenya #99! We hit 100 with a visit from Cyprus on 1/13. #101 Panama 1/14. #102 Aruba 2/22. Thank YOU so much for your interest!

The posts for December evolved a theme: "The Gift of Inspiration." (The Dec 21 Post is a special gift from Terryl Whitlatch... a finished image that gets its worldwide debut here on the blog!) This theme also fits well with this special story:our publication of the Pres Romanillos sketchbook. Here's the cover:

An interior page:

Below is a shot of the book in process, while we were reviewing all the original art with Jeannine....

Of course, there's a story behind every book in our inventory... but the story of the Pres sketchbook is something to be cherished. Read more on the Nov 21st post... or on our website at

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