Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Convention Booth investments .. post from Onefansticweek.com

My social media radar reporting all sorts of cross sharing of booth tips by artists. Today's highlight --- a post called "Why I Spent Thousands of Dollars on a Convention Booth" by Peter Mohrbacher.

Here's the theme of the post .... "The question I wanted to answer is whether or not investing in larger and more prominent booth space is worth the money. It’s easy to assume that the people who buy these spaces have a plan for making their investment back, but would an artist selling mostly prints get enough benefit from the space to justify its significant cost?"

This post appears on the "OneFanasticWeek" website... a Patreon funded weekly web show. This mission statement is from the "about us" page.

"One Fantastic Week is a weekly web show where we interview working artists about their business, their life and how the two intersect. We want to explore that space because it's fascinating and personal. By sharing our experiences, we can help make each other more successful."

Peter Mohrbacher is one of the hosts of the OneFanasticWeek show.

Artists -- remember that you are NOT in this alone. Many other artists are struggling with the same issues. Reach out to the many resources. Read. Ask questions. Learn. Save yourself time, grief and money!

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