Sunday, April 17, 2016

CTN Roadtrip 2016

CTN Roadtrip Burbank
is an annual event, brought to you by the hardworking crew at Creative Talent Network (CTN),
in association with the Downtown Burbank Arts Festival.
CTN artist exhibitors are set up along an entire block of this open air art fair. This event has FREE admission.. and lots of nearby FREE parking.

So many of our artist pals exhibit at this fun and festive venue.  This event is lively, but not as overwhelming as so many of the larger conventions can be. The tents and tables are located on tree-lined streets.
Check out this show: it's a rare opportunity to have one-on-one time with a range of artist vendors. See so many accomplished pros... and perhaps find some new talent. Bring your friends. Lots of shops and restaurants all along the art walk.... the usual chains plus unique indie spots too!
Huggable Koi #10 tagged along... and enjoyed visiting with some of my favorite artist pals:
Famous for her beautiful art and photographs!
 Liana's table always attracts a crowd of fans...

 We also stopped by to visit with indie artists Samantha George (l)
and Melanie Hopper (r)
We love Ponies! Here are some fun pony art cards and a print from Samantha. See more on her Instagram:

Attn artists: Samantha does a great job of helping her art help her get her contact information to clients and other professionals. Always include a business card with any art item you sell. Even better.. make sure your full name and a web address contact appears on every item.
The mini-cards (below) by Melanie Hopper are so precious.. and share an uplifting message that's welcome anytime.
Greeting cards aren't just for holidays. It's always a joy to get a card in the mail. Sending a card is sharing a little bit of art.. and an artist... with your friends and family.

This is a family friendly show... even some of the art was kid-focused.. like these hand made wooden blocks...
Art in progress along the art walk... 

Another popular table... Artist Sydney Hanson 
Her bat baby print was perfect .. as April 17th is Bat Appreciation Day! Learn more and see a swell video of helpful bats on the website for the charity Bat Conservation International:
Sydney is known for her super charming animal art!
More of her work on her page at the Shannon Associates agency website:

Many artists here also exhibit at CTNX animation expo.. held annually in November. 2016 dates are Nov 18th-20th.

The roadshow includes some of the perks of that show... like the free, drop-in live model workshop.
What makes a great artist? Lots and lots of drawing... and the passion behind the work. A great example of this is the story behind the whimsical animal art of Chris Ayers.
Here's Chris drawing a sketch in one of his books: 

Another artist connecting with fans at this show...Emmy winning animator, life drawing instructor (and long-time SNB pal) Paul Wee
Annual exhibitors include other long-time SNB pals... Loter Inc.

SNB pal artist Terryl Whitlatch wasn't at this show in person.. but was there in spirit with this nice display of her books at the Design Studio Press table..
Stuart has signed copies of Terryl's books.. WITH DRAWINGS.. at the store and on the website. Only a few of these special signed copies are left (from her LA area visit earlier this year):

Stuart and SNB crew member Jim at the the Stuart Ng Books table..
Little Golden Books ... illustrated by animators ... make a happy display! 
And Stuart even got away from the table to visit with artists and enjoy the spring day! 

Beyond the block of animation-related artists and illustrators, there are also tables with fine art, photographs and crafts. I picked up some clever cards made from fabric. Artist Lissa Malone does a wonderful job marketing.. the sturdy see-through bag not only features her colorful items, it includes a nice big label..

She includes a business card.. and her contact info is featured on the side of each box.. See more on her website:
These cheerful birds will be winging their way to my pen pals soon.. 
She had me at seahorse :) 
Always worth exploring some of the art shows in your area. Here are posts from previous LA area art and craft shows I've visited:

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