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Lightbox Expo 2020 (1 of 3)-- Friday online UPDATED with Panel Links!

Lightbox Expo (LBX) online launches today! Only $1 to register -- gets you access to 3 days of programming. Be sure to indicate your time zone when you register. This year's LBX is international, with programs in various time zones.

Here's a blurb from the LBX Facebook page:

"Over 400 top artists of the entertainment industry, exhibiting, demoing, teaching, doing panels. Over 9500 attendees in 2019. Draw, watch, buy and learn from your favorite artists."

It's an ambitious online offering -- with an interactive Artists Alley. I'm expecting some hiccups with connections etc --  especially the first day. Just be patient. (Stuart Ng Books has an online booth here (link expires 9.14.2020):

Here's the blurb on LBX from the Stuart Ng Books Facebook page:
LightBox Expo Online! Starting at $1, you will be able to access the entirety of the virtual show with additional tiers that gets you extras like an exclusive print by co-founder Bobby Chiu and a tote bag featuring art from Mike Mignola! Tons of virtual content, panels and booths will be on display highlighting the best of concept art, animation and illustration, including ourselves! So what are you waiting for?! Sign up now and enjoy the show!!!

If you're on the Stuart Ng Books mailing list -- you have Stuart's Friday newsletter with his highlights of LBX 2020 programs. If you haven't signed up yet -- here's the mailing list/newsletter link:

These are just handful of offerings from the Friday programming that have my attention......

Friday 10:00 am - Friday 11:00 am
Presenter(s): Tony Bancroft, Tom Bancroft, Sandro Cleuzo, Tomm Moore, Tracy Butler
30-year animation vets and long time animation podcasting twin brothers Tom and Tony Bancroft (Kronk, Mushu, Pumbaa, Simba, Pocahontas, others) discuss with a panel of animation vets like Tomm Moore (Cartoon Saloon- The Secret of Kells, Song of the Sea, Wolfwalkers, etc.) and newer players like Tracy Butler (Lackadaisy Kickstarter) what happened to 2D/ Traditional animation in the 2000s and where it lives, and thrives, today.

Friday 10:00 am - Friday 11:00 am
Join DJ Welch on his channel Animators vs Games as he talks with mega-talented artists Armand Baltazar and Karla Ortiz. They tell stories of the entertainment industry, how they met/worked together, how you can get in, and the ways the industry has evolved over the years. Also, they goof a lot.

Re-watch via You Tube:

Friday 11:00 am - Friday 1:00 pm

Presenter(s): Cassey Kuo, Marie-Alice Harel, Jama Jurabaev, Grey Chen, Brian Kesinger, Andre Blasich, Andy Cung, David DePasquale, Jason Chan, Prem Sai, Manuel Carrasco, Terryl Whitlatch, Miranda Zimmerman

Gnomon will be hosting a live drawing session with Cassey Kuo, Marie-Alice Harel, Jama Jurabaev, Grey Chen, Brian Kesinger, Andre Blasich, Andy Cung, David DePasquale, Jason Chan, Prem Sai, Manuel Carrasco, Terryl Whitlatch, and Miranda Zimmerman, and answering questions from the audience!

Here's Twitch Link for this Jam Session:

Friday 12:00 pm - Friday 1:00 pm
Presenter(s): Kristine and Colin Poole, Allen Williams, Howard Lyon, Stephanie Law, Mark Newman, Audrey Benjaminsen
A panel of top creators from the fields of Concept Art, Fantasy and Imaginative Realism chitchat about ideas and strategies to help you creatively adapt, navigate and excel in a changing art world. From working as ‘hired hands’ to getting your personal work out there, this free form discussion will cover a variety of topics and of course touch on the inevitable foibles, challenges and inspirations that are a part of the creative life. Applies to all mediums.


Friday 1:00 pm - Friday 2:00 pm
Presenter(s): Esther Wu, Lauren Brown, Mia Araujo, Brie Henderson, Eric Wilkerson
A conversation with POC creators on how they got started with their art, where they are now, and how they are changing the art world by telling their own stories.
Here's link for this panel online:

Friday 2:00 pm - Friday 3:00 pm
Presenter(s): Armand Baltazar, Iain McCaig, Greg Manchess, Victoria Ying, Mia Araujo, John Picacio

Whether you are creating your own illustrated novel or graphic novel, you won’t want to miss this in-depth discussion about the challenges of writing and illustrating for your own personal project. We will cover everything from artist’s block and the creative process, to working with agents and publishers.
View this panel here:

Friday 4:00 pm - Friday 6:30 pm
Presenter(s): John Nevarez
Informal presentation on Story, Story moments and Story exercises

outstanding talk with this instructor full of insights about his craft and the industry. Top tips here including reference materials and salary guidelines. Education on these topics helps prevent artists from being taken advantage of.

More on Lightbox Expo 2020

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Exhibitor highlights:

The online Artists Alley...

Some exhibitors and upcoming programs..

Terryl Whitlatch

Karla Ortiz

Manu Carrasco/Expedition Art

Steph Laberis

Mia Araujo
Marie-Alice Harel

David DePasquale

Stephen Silver

Art Ludique
From LBX:
"Exhibitor SpotlightArt Ludique

Art Ludique is a museum located in Paris, France. Its past exhibitions include Pixar, The Art of the Marvel Superheroes, Studio Ghibli Design, The Art in Video Games, and more! We're so glad to have them at LBX!

Concept Art Association

Lightbox Expo 2020 Mascots

Meet the official mascots of #LBXONLINE2020: Arra, Bebe, and Gigi!💕Get a behind the scenes look at how these lovable mascots were created throughout every stage of the creative process! 

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