Wednesday, December 9, 2020

Images of art donated for the HealSho Project benefit auction (Dec 10 - 13, 2020) UPDATED 12.10.20

 Previous posts on the blog preview this auction to benefit freelance artist Sho Murase. Sho is facing a chronic health crisis that includes kidney failure.

Stuart donated a copy of this hardcover Wendling book "Forget Me Not" -- a collection of Wendling fairy art drawings. The book was published by Stuart Ng Books in 2016. 

This donated copy includes this full page original artwork drawing by Wendling, along with a bold signature by the artist. 

Details on "Forget Me Not" copies in stock at the SNB store here:

Register here to view all the donated artwork for the benefit auction and to bid online

Some samples of artwork by Sho Murase..

Here are more samples of the donated artwork up for bid during the auction. 

"Ariel" drawing by animation icon Glen Keane

Print by CJ Guzman

One of several abstracts by Aaron Ollero

Art by Alina Chau
Art by Robert Valley
Paintings by Yokori Ito...

Montage of donated works... there are more too see on the website as well...

Donations also include workshops and tutorials.

Sho's website:
You can also send a cash donation directly to Sho at this PayPal address:

A special thanks to Sho's colleagues
Sergio Paez (Pixar-Lucasfilm)
and Mike Murnane (Laika-Lucasfilm)
for organizing this event.

UPDATE 12.10.20 --
Here are more images from the auction website after it went live.  Some screenshots have more info on some of the artists featured. 
There's LOTS to look at.
These are just some of my favorites...

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