Thursday, September 7, 2023

Lessons on Branding from You Tube channel Design Theory (9.7.23)

Building your brand is vital to indie art life. If you want to move your followers from "likes and shares" to investing in your success, you need to establish, promote, and update your branding. 

This July 2023 episode "How Brands Use Design & Marketing to Control Your Mind" from the You Tube channel "Design Theory" gives excellent overall lessons on branding. Here are a few highlights:

Branding is how you present value to your audience. Your brand is you connecting followers with your story. Your brand assembles a community based on what you alone create and provide. Branding appeals to emotional needs. Companies use it to share information and build trust. Your logo and other design choices can be visual shorthand to highlight the values your art delivers. 

You need to know for yourself.. and for your fans: Why buy art? Why buy your art? What is the need/benefit that your products alone meet/provide?

We don't just buy the thing... we buy based on the trustworthiness and reputation of the person selling the thing. Upgrade your presentation and packaging. Details in these areas signal value and concern for the customer experience. You want to attract patrons ... customers who will seek you out and build a collection over time. Consider the impact of social behaviors like the "rules of reciprocation" and how we equate effort with quality. Consider the impression made by a print sold with a protective sleeve and backing board, a printed note with something about the origin of the work/subject matter choices, a business card with artists contact info and social media sites, delivered in a branded shopping bag. 

From the "Design Theory" You Tube page...

"All content directed and written by John Mauriello. John Mauriello has been working professionally as an industrial designer since 2010. He is an Adjunct Professor of industrial design at California College of the Arts.

Time stamps:

0:00 Intro

1:08 BS Continuum

1:38 Information Asymmetry

3:29 Emotional Alchemy

4:56 Tropical Storm: Visual Signaling

7:30 Seller Reputation & Trustworthiness

9:20 Category 1: The Debt of Kindness

11:41 Category 2: Follow the Herd

14:58 Ekster (wallet/sponsor of video)

15:57 Category 3: Obey Authority

18:58 Category 4:  The Deception of Exclusivity

22:41 Category 5: Misguided Loyalty

28:40 Brutally Honest Manipulation

31:43 Creating Meaning

33:32 Education vs Manipulation

36:58 What's the Most Manipulative Brand?"


If you liked this video... here's another from this August 2023 post:

Quote: "... it's far easier to consume than create or reflect. (Creating) takes courage. Corporations want to reduce risk. Creative success comes from taking risks and moving forward from setbacks..."

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