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Get Inspired - The Hillywood Show meets Wendling Desk! UPDATED Sept 2011

Update: Sept 2011. Welcome world! This is the 2nd most viewed post on the blog... over 60 countries have visited "Behind the Scenes at Stuart Ng Books" and the vast majority of them come via links to this post, and 2 posts on the race horse Secretariat. I write a lot of posts about horses to encourage our local artist customers to attend events where they can get access to horses and sketch. For more on this blog and our bookstore, see the post "Your Guide to Behind the Scenes at Stuart Ng Books." I update the "Guide" post frequently; you'll find it on the home page for the blog.

I discovered the Hillywood show via their Twilight parodies and I'm a huge fan of the Hindi sisters and all they've accomplished. It was all the fun you can imagine.. and more.. to be their neighbors in the vendor room at the Oct 2010 Twilight convention held in Anaheim CA. There are 3 posts here on the blog about that con... enjoy!

It takes 3 posts for all the FUN we had at the Twilight convention... but it doesn't get better than this:

Not only were we in the same dealer room as the gang from the Hillywood Show... we were set up right next to them.!! What a thrill it was to meet our heroes.... just like the "old days" when we when attended conventions just as fans.

If you don't know these two sisters and their amazing movie parodies STOP NOW and check out (or click on the link at the home page of this blog). Don't miss out on their super-creative take on pop culture. I drifted into the world of Twilight because I loved their Twilight parodies so much. They do a lot more than Twilight too! New clip on You Tube, interview w/ Hillywood show
Print interview w/ Hillywood show: Fab interview w/sisters showing many of their characters:

The Hillywood gang is very busy at the Twilight conventions because they are the official hosts... bringing their characters "Bella" (Hillary Hindy), "Edward" (Jacob Jost), "Alice" (Hannah Hindy), "Jasper" (Drew Lorentz) and "Jacob" (Kyle Dayton) to life and adding an aura of Twilight live to the proceedings. In addition to their scheduled appearances and hosting duties throughout the weekend, they are often at their own table to meet fans and pose for photos. The Hillywood Show is not funded... all the work is the result of the sisters' creative passion and commitment. The results are so inspiring.. and it was wonderful to see them and thank them in person for all the great entertainment. Just read the comments on the Hillywood show website and You Tube videos..... folks all over the world are watching these parodies! They're an international internet sensation. Here's a super cute fan-made video of the Hillywood cast at Comic Con 2009

The entire Hillywood Show cast are so charming in person. They also fell under the spell of Claire Wendling... and as you can see in the photos... they are now fans of her too!
The whole point of setting up as Stuart Ng Books at this convention was to promote the exchange of creative inspiration. Thanks to the Hillywood Gang for being fab neighbors in the vendor room... and for being such sports about the fun photos (Special aloha to Emily... who I thought was a friend of theirs from college helping out... but turned out to be the Hindy sisters' Mom! You go girl!!!).

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