Monday, October 4, 2010

Stuart Ng Books, Music & Bling at Twilight Convention Oct 8-10th

Here's a sample of the books we'll be be bringing (Just the books on the tabletop....not the shelves; I'm doing this show solo remember :) ......

In addition to books, we'll have other unique gift items:

And, music from 100 Monkeys. You can read about the band at
I got a phone call from the band's manager a week ago, and now we'll be the exclusive source at this convention for this catchy, quirky music with a Cullen connection....I didn't know the band before, but I've become a fan just listening to these 2 CDs. You can't pigeonhole the sound, but here's a hint... If the Coen brothers movies were musical comedies w/ happy endings, this band could write the songbooks. And there's more! Check out the cool drawings on the CDs... all done by Kelly Garrett Rathbone. I found more about her amazing art at:

Okay.... Why a Twilight Convention.... here's the info from the flyer I made for this event:

"Our table here is an experiment by the distaff side of Stuart Ng Books. Usually we prefer to operate "under the radar". However, we are so inspired by the creativity of the "Twilight" community that we wanted to come celebrate that spirit and bring along some items we hope you will enjoy and find inspiring as well. We will be donating a portion of our proceeds to some of our favorite charities, including Friends of the Torrance Library, Southland Collie Rescue, the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation and Rat Rescue. Thank you for your interest and support."

More info on the Official Twilight Convention - Anaheim at:

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