Monday, November 21, 2011

CTNX 2011 - Sketchtravel debut & signing with 10 contributors!

The fates smiled on all of us... and thanks to a terrific effort by so many involved... the US Debut of Sketchtravel exceeded expectations....

The line-up was outstanding.. and all the artists were great sports! R to L below you can see Lorelay Bove, Eli Harris, Benoit Le Pennec (and that guy in the aloha shirt, Stuart Ng ;)
The fans were thrilled....the line-up continued with (R to L) Benoit, Bill Plympton, Peter de Seve, Charles Solomon (writer), Paul Felix, Robert Valley, James Jean and Catia Chien...
It was quite a crowd on both sides of the table... the signing happened during the last hour the exhibit hall was opened.
What a night to remember! Everyone was so understanding... especially the attendees who were waiting in line.. OUTSIDE! I was the one handing them chocolates once we finally got everyone inside. In spite of the late start, we got the signing wrapped up after about an hour, for a champagne toast courtesy of CTNX, and time for the artists and attendees to mingle...
Great picture below of Robert Valley @ signing courtesy of Matthew K:
During the signing and party, we're running around like only we can at team SNB. Because the exhibition hall closed at 7PM, the lights dimmed to kick off CNTX @Nite.... which included the signing area, so I only caught these few pictures myself. I managed to have a really fun, too brief chat about our Pres Romanillos Sketchbook with CTNX guest artist Carlos Grangel who stopped by for the Sketchtravel signing and party. Sorry, no picture, but what a nice guy! Stuart and Mary were taking care of the artists and attendees at the signing, and I had to return to our booth, which was still open during the signing... and needed to be shut down after the hall closed for the night. It takes a team... and some of us are behind the scenes :)

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