Monday, November 21, 2011

CTNX 2011 SNB Booth

Here are some of the best-sellers from our booth at CTNX. We have copies of Claire Wendling books "Desk" and "Drawers" in stock now at our showroom and via our website (we sold out of these 2 titles at the show).

This import book is a wordless comic about the day in the life of a Tiger who can't catch a break (or any prey)... amazing art (and an ironic twist at the end)....
The Ben Caldwell sketchbooks were a big hit with the CTNX crowd....
This new import title from our most recent French shipment was also a popular seller:

We've been exhibiting at CTNX since the 1st year in 2009... and were delighted to be back again this year. Thanks to organizer and CTN Founder Tina Price for setting us up with 3 booths and an ideal location in the hall to serve the guest artists & CTNX attendees. Below in the blur of action-speed, you can see Stuart in the aloha shirt, and our newest team member Matthew in red, assisting at the signing for Regis Loisel:

We debuted many items at our booth from our French shipment... and these two special items. Our own publication of the Pres Romanillos Sketchbook (new post here on the blog about this book). Here's my snap of the first patron to purchase one at our booth:
We also debuted a new print by Peter de Seve of a happy cat with a gift wrapped mouse. The print is titled "Go Ahead, Open it"....purchased by this smiling patron who said the cat looked just like her's...
Our 3 booths against the far wall, between 2 doors, was an ideal spot for us:

One of the benefits of our booth is that when you wander in, you can almost guarantee there will be an artist of note also visiting the booth... can you spot one below?
That's right! Here a lucky patron gets his just purchased copy of the Eric Goldberg "Character Animation Crash Course" book ....signed by the artist himself, who just happened to be shopping at our booth!
Stuart doesn't get away from our booth often... so we're lucky that so many of our artist friends stop by or are set up near our location... Pic below (by Matthew K) hows the rows of tables and booths near us..

Long-time pal William Stout stopped by. Among his selections was the imported "Jungle Book"... one of the most popular items at our booth and a real show-stopper. Bill was also a speaker at CTNX, as well as exhibiting at his own table. You can read more on his blog:
Creaturebox creators Dave Guertin and Greg Baldwin shopped our booth between their CTNX appearances and shared the news that they are working on a new book. We'll have it as soon as it's available. Greg also picked up the "Jungle Book" import. It's inspiring to be in the company of so many of our artist friends! We had fun neighbors on the exhibit floor too.. including a large display from Gentle Giant studios, featuring a little Pixar rat that I'm quite fond of... can you spot him?
And that giant "Hulk" that loomed over the crowd during the show. The Gentle Giant crew let us get this fun shot w/ him during tear-down.
So why is there never anyone from SNB at the evening events and wrap party??? Man, we'd love to... and CTNX @ Nite is a unique perk of this show.... but our booth takes a lot to close out at the end of the day.. and to open in the morning and tear down under deadline on Sunday night..... so your crew is here serving you beyond the the exhibit hall posted hours. Rest assured while we can't be at the parties in person, we're with you in spirit :) Note in photo below how the booths around us are all empty... and we're still there. Packing the books with care takes time... complicated by a damp (but at least not raining) night for load out... The challenge of load-out is just part of what it takes to bring books to a convention...
It takes muscle...and heart... mostly from Stuart himself, his brother Steve, and our band of real friends (they sort who will help you move books on a rainy night) to make the magic happen all for YOU! We build the shelves, box and unbox the books, so you can see them and make the best selection for your needs. Exhibiting at shows is fun.... but it's also a grind that only those of us behind the scenes can really appreciate. Why do we do it? It's a service we provide to you.... and it's your support that keeps us going....
Plus coffee... and snacks... and sometimes extra-yummy muffins brought to us by a fellow exhibitor (thanks again, Brianne :)... and even homemade marshmallows (Beth S :)

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