Tuesday, November 24, 2015

CTNX 2015 -- SNB booth, Song of the Sea etc

Stuart debuted the new Song of the Sea artbook at CNTX 2015... and sold out of the copies that arrived in time for the Expo.... on the FIRST DAY of the show!
The rest of the shipment has arrived at the store. Due to strong demand for this title... don't delay if you want a copy for the holidays. The Stuart Ng Books store will be open on Saturday Nov 28th from 11AM - 6PM. https://www.facebook.com/stuartngbooks/

Here's Stuart showing some original art... to Lion King director Roger Allers and CTNX guest artist Tomm Moore with Jamie from Cartoon Saloon studios in Ireland... (Secret of the Kells; Song of the Sea)
Views from around the SNB space...

And just how do so many amazing books get there?? Our even more amazing SNB crew... staff and volunteers who make miracles happen. What starts as a corner with tables and linens... becomes transformed into grids and shelves to showcase the best in books..... thanks to man and gal power.
 Our (rented) truck returns with treasures ... books Stuart finds from artist exhibitors. His forays away from the booth help him scout new talent .... and reconnect with old friends... like CTNX guest artist Annette Marnat.. Her children's books have been stop sellers on our website...http://stuartngbooks.com/le-vilain-petit-canard.html
 But we can't let him out often, as so many patrons at conventions come to him with questions about books and artists. Stuart's years of experience have made him a trusted resource .... artists and collectors count on him being there... but few see the behind the scenes labor it takes. Not sure of the physics involved... but somehow books and boxes always get heavier on Sunday evenings for load-out :)
Thanks to all our helpers... and our patrons... who keep the little engine of a bookstore going... and conventions like CTNX to bring us all together to celebrate the artists we love.....

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