Thursday, November 19, 2015

CTNX -- 2015 Preview post with links to podcasts UPDATED Nov 25


Preview post for CTNX!!! Friday Nov 20th thru Sunday Nov 22nd.
Burbank was the center of the universe for animation talent and fans for CTNX 2015. Oodles of programming.... panels.... guests....Stuart Ng Books at booths B37-39 in main exhibit hall. Debuting Song of the Sea artbook

Here's a link to the post about last year's CTNX 2014.. lots of photos for a sense of the show ...

2015 CNTX expo info on their website:

Be sure to see the "Curiouser and Curiouser" show right down the street at Center Stage Gallery:

The last few posts here on the blog have featured artists who will be at CTNX. Each of them have been interviewed on the Bancroft Brothers Animation Podcasts.
These podcast conversations are delightful.. full of insights into the artists.. their background... projects.. and inspirations.

Andreas Deja

"Nine Old Men" interview
Artist interview
Post on "Nine Old Men" book

Don Hahn 
(in checkered shirt.. at Center Stage Gallery with Dylan Cole, Robert Stromberg and Charles Solomon for "Once Upon A Dream" Maleficent book signing)
Don Hahn interview
Post on Don's "Before Ever After" Book with Tracey Miller-Zarneke

Terryl Whitlatch

artist interview
Post on Terryl's two new books:
Background/current and past projects:

Tom and Tony Bancroft will be appearing at CTNX...

and doing a live podcast with voice talent Patrick Warburton on Friday...
Check the podcast website for updates:

On Saturday... The Bancroft Bros. will be hosting the "Rat's Nest Reunion"..

From Tom Bancroft's FB page...
This is the BIG ONE: The Bancroft Brothers are bringing together, for the first time in 30 years, all 6 of the original "Rats Nest" (or The Six Young Men) from Disney's 70s-80s era. Each member has changed the face of animation and you can hear them all ONLY AT @ctnanimexpo on Saturday!

Hope to see YOU at CTNX!!!
Amy commentary....   A bit about this Blog...

New to the Blog?? Mission statement from the "Your Guide" post...This blog is the realm of Bride of Bookseller. The posts are all written by me. The goal is to educate and entertain by sharing resources that can benefit artists. It takes talent and commitment to thrive as an indie artist. But it also takes balance and fitness. No one talks to artists about this truth: You have to be well enough.. physically.. mentally..emotionally...financially... to get your work done. At the same time, so many artists struggle with chronic conditions that impact their productivity. No wonder artists are stressed. Many posts on the blog here offer possible solutions.... and celebrate the traits all the best artists share (button art below from Alaska Robotics:

find links for popular posts and themes at the "Your Guide to Behind the Scenes at Stuart Ng Books" post.. updated monthly.

New feature started this year ... Yoga for Artists (and others who work at desks all day). Stretches, options and preventative measures by certified Yoga instructor Simone. Most recent lesson links to previous ones as well:

A theme I'll be talking a lot about with artist friends at CTNX is the Unauthorized use of images posted on the internet and copyright protection for indie artists.

 Another frequent topic on my blog.. the connection between Art and Anxiety. Resources for this topic in this blog post.

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