Monday, December 14, 2015

"Copyright Guidelines" chart by Ginger Davis Allman, with link to full article

This amazing chart "Copyright Guidelines for Crafters and Hobbyists" popped up on my internet radar over the weekend.

This chart is the work of Ginger Davis Allman. She has her own art business.. and is also a web and business consultant.

Like it or not folks... if you want to monetize your art and share and/or sell it on-line, you have to embrace some basic business skills.

I contacted her to thank her for sharing this online. Such great info here for everyone's education. I also asked her permission to cross post the chart there on my blog. Here's her reply
Hi Amy,

Yes, that would be fine to share my chart. Please link it to the original article and encourage your readers to consult my article for more clarity.

Thank you!

Ginger Davis Allman


Education is the key to resolving so many of these copyright issues. Yes.. it will also take decency and etiquette. If everyone plays nicely on the playground it will work out best for all of us. We can make it happen with communication and accountability.

Ginger's original article (see the link above) is an in depth look at the issues in the chart.


Consult it frequently. Share it with other artists... and also with your clients who are buying your art.. and the organizers of shows you exhibit at. We need to be an informed, united front.

The artists make the art... they should also have a strong voice in the rules about how it's used and protected. (I will also be including this post as an update to my "Copyright Info for Artsits" post from July 2014. This post is where I update with recent case studies of unauthorized use of images).

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