Monday, May 30, 2016

Patchwork Art Show -- Santa Ana 2016

In So Cal, we have a weather pattern in late spring called "May Gray" ... mild temps, but overcast skies. Not great for the beach.. but perfect for an outdoor art show.
Once again joined by my intrepid pal, photographer Sarah, we explored the Santa Ana Patchwork Art Fair....

Mini Marty.. made his debut! Marty pillow art designs are by acclaimed illustrator Steph Laberis.
Mini Marty pictured below with standard size Squeeze Marty pillow pal "Science Milo" for scale..
Mini Marty enjoyed our stop at Santa Ana's "Downtown Donuts" shop. They are famous for their bite-sized mini donuts.

Internet phenom Martin "Marty" Mouse has been featured on sites like Buzzfeed, Bored Panda, and My Modern Met.

Check out Marty's  FB page (enjoyed by over 25,000 followers)
and Mouse House adventures

Marty .. and his Mouse House colleagues Milo, Wimbley and Fibbs... have been made famous via photographs by Sarah Hunt.

More of my travels with squeeze Marty pals at conventions etc in previous posts on the blog...

The scenic downtown Santa Ana setting for this Patchwork art fair makes wandering around an outdoor adventure.....
Lots of opportunities to stop and browse the artist vendors...
 And the shops and sites on the side streets...

Always fun to check in with artists we see at this show.. and others that we visit...

Human Tree Robot...
 I featured artist Mark Brunner's booth in my post for Dec 2014 Patchwork show:

His booth is always popular.. and as noted in my previous post.. his displays make such clever use of all the possibilities with his wood bloc art works... You can't help but arrange them in displays..
Picked up some new cards and note pads from Le Trango
 Plus I got a free button!! Christina is one of those super smart artists.. all her contact info is printed on the edge of the button. Good reminder artists: let your small items WORK for you.
First found Le Trango artist Christina's work at Nov 2015 Patchwork.
and also seen them at Unique LA show..

Sealife cards from booth of Cactus Club..
and a new find for me .... Art of Angela Song...She posts images of works in progress on this link for her blog...
Her business cards feature a variety of images.. and each includes contact info for all her social media sites..
 She does an excellent job branding all her work.. with info on the back of greeting cards.. as well as other merch and even bags!

After that wandering .....time to check out all the FOOD!!! Entire rows of food vendors...
Did I mention the Food Trucks!!! A substantial line at the Cousins Maine Lobster Truck. Bill Hunt gave the lobster tacos a double thumbs up. This truck based in Hawthorne.. the parent company was featured on TV's "Shark Tank"
Baby's burger truck features burgers on rolls of King's Hawaiian Bread!
Next Patchwork show only weeks away in June at waterside location in Long Beach.

This post from previous Long Beach show gives a preview of super family-friendly locale!

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