Friday, November 11, 2016

Art in action -- links from artists -- UPDATED with Ripley/Aliens info

So much activity on my social media radar --- and lots and lots of it about anxiety. These days can feel tumultuous.... but art reminds us, others before us have weathered worse and survived. When it's our turn to be tested, we should turn to each other. And art!
Take a break from the news cycle. Watch some inspiring movies. Revisit classics ... full of characters that rise to the challenge...

Role models like Atticus ....
Even when it may feel more like a moment for Ripley
Let's not forget, we admire Ripley for her abilities, not her anger. She faces her greatest fear with clarity. Her hero journey exemplifies that it takes focus...and prevail when you are feeling in the trenches. If you like the Aliens approach... check out this Hudson/Ripley based analysis of the recent headlines:

This is also a great time to re-visit the posts here on the blog on "Yoga for artists". Self-care is vital for indie artists. Releasing stress ... finding calm ... these tools will help.

For this post, I'm sharing some links artists have shared about current events. There are great insights here... and actions to take.

We all have work to do. Art is life .. and life, like art, is hard: full of doubts, and frustrations, and even fear. There is even a famous book about this!
For those who feel overwhelmed... surround yourself with loved ones and things that help you feel empowered. (art below by
Use what you have... to do what you can... to make things work, not make things worse. Feel all the feelings. Find safe ways to share them. Act in ways that are productive, not punitive.

Leaders lead by example. Barack Obama is overseeing the transfer of power --- with grace and hospitality. Who knows what he is feeling? What we see.. is what he is doing. Leading at a difficult time. Good is what you DO.. not what you are. Action is character.

Many people are looking to artists.... sharing images that bring comfort and hope. Make art... be a candle in the darkness ... a light of hope on the path. Be kind. Stay focused on what you love. This will remind you why the work is important.. and will give you courage to do it. Be brave. Courage doesn't come from anger. Or fear. Courage comes from hope.

Some artists are making free downloads... like this poster
Others are donating portions of their online sales to groups like Planned Parenthood, the ACLU etc.

Democracy is messy and imperfect. Sometimes the 51% will win.. and the 49% won't. Then we come back to what we have in common. We are charged with the work of finding that. We will need art and artists to help us all get there.

Find inspiration from others who have faced fear and challenges, and found their voice...
"Four Actions You Can Take to Make Change"

Don't Panic

Your Grief is Real

How to heal the rift

Movies explain the unexpected phenomenon..

Mike Rowe of "Dirty Jobs" with link to Rowe's FB post

Science says it's good to watch kitten videos

I highly recommend "Maru the Cat" on You Tube..

I will be updating this post with additional links....

UPDATE 11.13
online letter via intl artist... a world wide communication

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