Friday, November 25, 2016

CTNX 2016 -- post 3 of 3 -- SNB at Parlor room 131

Stuart Ng Books has exhibited at CTNX since the very first year. We've seen this Expo grow from one room in the Convention Center Building in 2009... to expanding over the entire hotel complex in 2016. CTNX is an Animation epicenter!

Premiere artists are a top draw for this Expo. As invited guests, they appear on panels, in interview settings like "Conversation with Creators," on stage for live demos, and can be found on-site meeting with peers and attendees. Connecting with talent is one of the hallmarks of this Expo.
The caliber of guests who have appeared at CTNX reads like a roster of rock stars in Animation: from first year headliners like Disney icons Eric Goldberg and Andreas Deja... to years that featured superstars from Europe like Moebius, Loisel, Juanjo Guarnido... to this year's combo of guest artist Claire Wending and the debut of her new book.
Claire Wendling made several scheduled appearances at the Expo. But for attendees at CTNX, it's
moments like the photos below that make this Expo so unique. Over the three days of the Expo, there are many opportunities for attendees and artist peers to connect one-on-one. It's moments like these that impact young artists lives... and make CNTX a stand-out.
After hours.. an attendee chats with Claire Wendling...
During the show... Claire Wendling (seated in the middle of the trio below) used the patio of the SNB Parlor room space to hang out and meet up with other artists. In the foreground, the amazing Angela (in the hat) from the SNB crew assists a patron.
In previous years, the Stuart Ng Books space has always been inside the Convention Center building with the other artist exhibitors. This year, with the new layout for the Expo, SNB was granted the opportunity to occupy one of the small conference rooms of the hotel tower. We had signs and this flyer to help folks find us:

The SNB location was Parlor Room 131. While the rain on Sunday robbed us of the patio.. on Thurs-Sat the weather was exceptional and the outdoor space was a real bonus. Attendees and other artist exhibitors appreciated the extended hours, which offered yet another option for inspiration during CTNX at night.

 Stuart arrived with his intrepid team of crew members to assemble the pop-up store. All the shelves and grids were built and installed by the SNB team. A big THANK YOU to Jim, Ivan, John H, and Steve. Also to temp team help for cashier station and store hours help at this (and other shows): Rhonda, Monique, Jasmine, Ari.

 That blur of blue in the photo below is Stuart arranging the books in the wee hours of set up.

The pop-up shop was a big success.. thanks to all our patrons who stopped by. This quick pic below shows one of the celebrity shoppers who graced the space. We are so grateful to everyone who comes to shop and support us. SNB wouldn't be .. without You!
A big, special SHOUT OUT to our beloved MARY  (in patio pic below) --- longtime SNB store manager, and now a sometime guest helper --- who found out over the CTNX weekend that she passed the CA bar exam. Congrats Madame Esquire!

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