Thursday, August 1, 2019

Self-care is essential for Indie Artist life

Indie artist life requires self-care. You can't create if you are sick, exhausted, ignoring your health and burning the candle at both ends. 

Stop that!

Treat yourself the way you care for your most beloved friends and family.

Sometimes it helps to think of self-care like pet care. 
Be sure you do all the things for yourself that you do for fur family. 
Fresh water always available. 
Excellent nutrition. 
Regular check-ups and good oral hygiene.
Treats in moderation and usually as part of training or enrichment. 
Exercise daily.
Lots of praise and love.

Do a daily activity that feeds  your creative soul. You can't draw (pun intended) from a dry well.
Replenish your physical, emotional, spiritual and creative resources.

Fear. Doubt. Worry. Frustration. Trolls. These are all part of indie-artist life. Don't feed them.

Be well. Put your best effort into your well-being. Good self-care is inspiring.

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