Monday, March 2, 2020

AB 5 -- 35 pieces of legislation introduced with proposed changes

LA Times article "Capitol to weigh dozens of AB5 bills," by John Myers. February 29, 2020.
This photo appeared with this article..
It show an AB5 rally from 2.28.19. Photo by Rich Pedroncelli -Associated Press


"In all, 34 separate pieces of legislation related to AB 5 were introduced in the Legislature in the last seven weeks. Most of the bills would expand the list of occupations not required to be considered an employee of a business and exempt from mandatory payroll taxes and workplace benefits......
....(Assemblywoman Lorena) Gonzalez, whose unrelenting defense of the law has made her a cause célèbre on both sides of the debate, introduced her own effort on Thursday to revise AB 5. The proposal would remove the law’s limit on the number of projects that a freelance writer or photographer could accept in a calendar year, instead tying the person’s status as a non-employee to whether a contract sets the amount and time of payment. The proposal, Assembly Bill 1850, also requires that contractors be allowed to work for multiple companies and bans them from working on-site for any business.
“Labor law is complicated,” Gonzalez said. “I’m not trying to pretend there’s an easy solution."
AB5 continues to be an important case study. Often, the intent of a law can get lost in the legal language required to make legislation enforceable. Laws get passed at a legislative level, but get enforced in real life, where exceptions are often the rule. Getting through the gray area in any new law takes time. The can of worms that this law opened.. with so many indie contractor jobs impacted, only a few exempted, and businesses and indie contractors left confused, frustrated, and unsure how to move forward with already long-standing business relationships will continue for the present. Stay tuned to see how it gets resolved.

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