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COVID-19 #8 of 8 March 2020 -- Links for credible sources -- Indie art life Convention Health Tips

For April -- I have updated this March COVID-19 Post on the blog. 
I will be leaving all the March posts as "archived" and will add links to updated April versions. 

Most recent info on subjects covered here can be found on these April posts:


ARCHIVED POST -- information from this point on was posted during March and was up to date as of 3.31.2020. This is a record of information that was available at this time, while the crisis was unfolding.

This post is where I'll be sharing science-based resources on public health tips to ward off spread of COVID-19 corona virus. I will be updating this post as new info arrives. (UPDATED 3.31.2020)

For list of conventions/events cancelled or postponed, see this post:

COVID-19 information updates daily. Be sure to check links for most recent info.


3.28.20 Update -- This is the press conference we need. Q and A w/ Dr. Fauci -- science expert answering public's questions...

Top places to find credible info:

Center for Disease Control (CDC)
World Health Organization (WHO)
your local/State Department of Public Health. Here's link for California:

LA County Dept of Public Health has this fantastic page on their website for info and links regarding COVID-19

LA County Dept of Public Health COVID-19 info graphic w/ symptoms to watch for

Federal Drug Administration -- COVID-19 page

American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA)
AVMA website has lots of info about animals and COVID-19. If you're lucky enough to have pets at home with you, make sure there is a designated person assigned to take over care of them if you become unavailable.

Infographic on "Safer at Home" guidelines for California, from office of Kathryn Barger, LA County Supervisor'

3.23.2020 Today Show Segment 
Video and text covers package safety, tips, and a big "thank you" to all the heroes at shipping centers getting essential supplies delivered to homes etc.

DIY Disinfecting Wipes. 

Don't hoard disinfecting products. They are needed by families caring for chronically ill members at home:

You Tube clip "The Coronavirus Explained and What You Should Do
from You Tube channel "Kurzegsagt - In a Nutshell" March 19,2020
Link to this video was posted by a scientist who I follow on FB and is a mutual friend. This clip is animation, but reveals science of how this specific virus is transmitted and impacts the body.

This You Tube clip is from 3.14.2020, a British TV interview with a doctor in Italy
 Washington Post OP-Ed perspective from citizen in Italy (3.17.2020)

John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health - Center for Health Security

It will be facts and science that helps bring resolution to this crisis.

NY Times articles about the scientists hard at work:

How we can all  help break the chain of transmission

All the tips in this post are good for any convention season.

My personal top tip that I haven't seen anywhere else ---
BRING AND USE YOUR OWN PENS!!! Everyone touches public-use pens and no one cleans them. Carry and use your own pen for signing forms etc at public places. (photo below of  rattie Fibbs, in "safety first" mode, from Marty Mouse House)
Adopt your own handshake substitute. I'll be using a combo of the Vulcan greeting and the hand-to-heart gesture.
Here are bullet points the credible sites all emphasize:

1) leave the face masks for the first responders and medical teams
2) stop touching your face
3) wash hands thoroughly and often
4) when wiping surfaces, wait between 1 and 4 mins (depending on cleaning agent) to allow surface to dry and disinfecting agent to kill virus.

WHO Coronavirus QandA page from their website:


List for "COVID-19 Los Angeles Community Resources"

"Categories include: food*, housing, health, transportation, and education and are separated into three general categories: children and youth, adults, and eldery. "


Dr. Nancy Messonnier gives update on CDC Briefing Room You Tube channel 3.9.2020

Dr. Neil DeGrasse Tyson --- "This virus is a test... will people listen to scientists?" Interview 3.5.2020

Dr. W. Ian Lipkin -- infectious disease expert on the ground for Ebola and COVID-19. Interview 3.4.2020

Journal of the American Medical Association You Tube Channel "JAMA Network" posts updated interviews. This link posted 3.6.2020

World Health Organization Video --
WHO Video -- How is COVID-19 spread and how to you protect yourself

ASAP Science is the You Tube channel of two biologists.
They make entertaining videos using credible science sources. In this video, the list of Coronavirus symptoms appears at about 3:45. From this and other sources I'm following, FEVER seems to be the top symptom to watch out for.

A Visual History of Pandemics

How Social Distancing Works -- Why families/households are a single unit

"Hold the line" by Jonathan Smith 3.20.2020 on Medium

The link for this article was shared by a scientist I know, so that lends credibility. However, anyone can publish on the “Medium “ platform. There is a banner on Medium confirming the platform is open and they do not fact check. So I SIFTed — fact checked author name and photo and confirmed they match with lecturer in Epidemiology at Yale School of Public Health. This article doesn't link directly to a science source. However, the info in this article is important. Social distancing works—even though it’s likely we’ll see increase in cases for a while. Families/households must perceive themselves as a single unit — if one person puts themselves at risk, they risk everyone in the unit.


List of Myth Busters about the virus from WHO

My motto is "Always SIFT through online claims." 
Next is a great link explaining the acronym SIFT:
Investigate the source.
Find better coverage.
Trace claims, quotes, and media to the original context."


how to wash hands -- Tips from the World Health Organization (WHO)
WHO diagrams  here:

Excellent You Tube Tutorial. Uses ink and gloves to make a vivid demo.

Hand sanitizer do's and don'ts -- includes important tips about "home made" options

This BBC link has dramatic video of germs on hands under UV light

NY Times article -- 4 tips on how to stop touching your face:
1) keep tissues handy 2) identify triggers that make you touch your face 3) keep your hands busy 4) chill -- if your hands are CLEAN touching your face isn't the end of the world

from WHO (World Health Organization), includes how-to video on correct use and treatment of face masks

UPDATE 3.31.20
3 articles indicating directive on use of face masks may be changing.

Another WHO face mask info video
Video on face mask use from Time magazine

DIY options --

Face mask tutorial, using HEPA filter
cotton t-shirt or pillowcase

Paper towel not great, but better than nothing...


Today show segment on Disinfecting your home and office (on Today Show website)

Today show segment warns about home made hand sanitizes (on You Tube)

EPA pdf on Registered Antimicrobial products for use against Coronavirus. This is an extensive list that includes many common household cleaner products approved by EPA for use against Coronavirus.

Impact on Gig workers (and indie contractors...)

Op-ED -- Dignity for delivery workers

How to Touch Your Face Less --- free downloadable PDF from The Oatmeal

Best Memes on Hand washing

Shakespeare options

The Dune version
The Shakespeare/Lady Macbeth version
The singalong version

Hand washing song from Marty Mouse House (created by Sarah Hunt)

It’s WASHY-wash, not WISHY-wash That’s the way you do it! WASHY-wash, not WISHY-wash Together, we’ll get fru it! Grab some soap and use hot water Let’s all play along! Washing hands is lots ob fun ‘Cause you can sing dis song! It’s WASHY-wash, not WISHY-wash That’s the way you do it! WASHY-wash, not WISHY-wash Together, we’ll get fru it! Twenty seconds ain’t so long Be sure scrub boff sides Palms and fingeys, don’t stop there Tummy buttons, tails!   It’s WASHY-wash, not WISHY-wash We know you can do it! WASHY-wash, not WISHY-wash Coronabirus—screw it!

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