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COVD #9 of 15 April 2020 -- Online sources, Kids and Family

UPDATED 5.27.2020

This post updates information from the #6 of 8 posts in March 2020... Kids and Family. Scroll down this post for details on the following sub-headings:

Kids and Family (live-cams & walkabouts)

Links for online sites

Science Inspires

The corona virus crisis has proved this fact: We value art and artists. We turn to art when we need to be nurtured. World-wide.

All the art --  music -- dance -- posted and streaming now is proof. 

How we heal each other defines us as individuals and a culture. This is the Renaissance for appreciation of artists, scientists, grocery store clerks and cashiers, delivery drivers, highway rest stop staff. They join the other newly-drafted "first responders" in aprons, smocks, gloves, goggles and masks. They've joined the ranks of our traditional Essential Emergency services. We'll get through this together -- now is the time to be kind and practice those hard human virtues. Love each other.

Please note the links are for general information purposes only and my comments/summaries are not tax/business/legal/medical/child rearing/art instruction advice. Please consult your own resources for advice that best suits your individual situation.

Update 5.27.20
NY Times Story "When Couples Fight About Virus Risks"
Conflicts over boundaries and comfort zones with Covid risks aren't just parenting issues -- they impact couples and parent-child relationships as well. Many insights in this article. Excerpt:
"It’s also worth recognizing that your partner’s feelings around the coronavirus are about so much more than just the virus, said Alexandra Sacks, M.D., a reproductive psychiatrist based in New York City. Someone who is anxious about their safety may have a history of trauma, she said, and someone who refuses to follow public health recommendations may have a history of being controlled, say, by a suffocating parent. The virus is a “Rorschach test about what your baggage is,” she said."

Monterey Bay Aquarium Live Cams
Watch the animals together. Everybody loves otters. The kelp forest live cam is a relaxing break from the news stream. Sharks. Jellyfish. All sorts of aqua-themed fun. Birds too!!! (otter photo by Bill Margol)
They also offer learning programs for PreK-6ths grade

Aquarium of the Pacific online Academy

Cincinnati Zoo "Home Safari Daily Live Cam"
Meet a new zoo family member each day at 3PM EST on the Cincinnati Zoo and Botianical Garden's Facebook page. The first Home Safari featured the zoo's most famous resident, baby hippo Fiona. There's lots of video footage of Fiona on the zoo's Facebook page too.

Saturday "Live Draw-along with Brian Kesigner"
Starting Saturday April 18th, the Los Angeles Zoo is hosting Disney and indie artist Brian Kesinger's "Draw along" tutorials. Live on Saturdays at 1PM. Videos are also posted on the zoo's website and You Tube. These 40 mins draw-alongs are suitable for all art levels. Also fantastic for art students and professionals as these are art lessons with a industry pro and full of tips. You can "sign up" on the zoo's Facebook page

Here's the link from You Tube showing the first "draw-along"

Brian Kesigner is known for his own IP book series featuring Victoria and her octopus Otto
He is also the authorized artist behind the popular Bill Watterson/Calvin and Hobbes-esque Star Wars art. A longtime Disney employee, Brian has permission to create these works and he never makes merchandise of them. If you see tee-shirts or prints with this art on it, they are counterfeits, art theft, and should be avoided. 

If you are enjoying live cam streams by institutions like these, please consider becoming a member or making a donation via their website. It's a way to support what sustains you. (I became a member of both aquariums and sent the zoo a donation).

Zoos and aquariums still have staff showing up to take care of the animals. Also facilities maintence. They have plenty of bills and no admission ticket sales/revenue at this time. The internet is a vast audience. If everyone who "likes" and shares posts like this could also send a small online donation... all those little gestures of gratitude will have a big impact.

Online content is never Free. It's here for you to enjoy thanks to the time, talent and expenses of content creators. Please show your financial support.

WALKABOUTS with Wildlife Artist You Tube channel "Walkabouts" with wildlife artist and conservationist Manu Carrasco. He's part of the Expedition Art team

He also has art process videos on his Manu Art Channel

There are many terrific online learning sources. I'm sharing some here that are personal favorites, but also some I haven't used. As with all online resources, SIFT and preview to find sources that suit your family's needs.

Info on the SIFT system here:

Start with your favorite local and national museums -- many of them have online programs. Several give docent tours via Facebook page livestreams.

Here's link for a timely online exhibition via the Smithsonian

Two of my all-time favorite science museums ---
Musee Curie (in Pairs)
Science History Institute (in PA)

Or try this game -- Pick a museum as your "quarantine house" -- then explore it and others online. Would you make the same choice???

UPDATE 4.28.20
20 home science experiments (great for ages 6-12)
illustration by George Retseck

UPDATE 4.18.20
Make a Time Capsule (art by Natalie Long, Long Creations, on Facebook)
Update 4.20.20
Free Coloring book from Furry Feline Creatives 

Fun in First 
A selection of learning sites from the blog of a first grade teacher. Includes the Kahn Academy and Scholastic books, so not just for the elementary school set.

UK site with tips for teachers learning to teach remotely. Good info here for parents too

Another online learning link
Talent show time..
One family in the UK used "safer at home" to make this parody song:

My favorite quote from my favorite scientist. 
She discovered Radium and survived two world wars. After the tragic death of her husband Pierre, she raised two brilliant daughters as an engaged and beloved single mom. She faced fears. She survived in part thanks to her scientific approach to all areas of her life. Here's what Albert Einstein said about her:

MATHEATRE -- live on stage goes online!

This theatre troupe brings historical science heroes to life.

Only they've had to adapt and pivot their business model since theatres are closed due to COVID. 
Read this link to their April 2020 newsletter.

 Learn how your family can book a personalized 10 mins online appointment with Newton or Curie!

Also learn about limited time offer for tickets to online performances of two of their stage productions!

more Matheatre offerings  ...
Buy some songs. Learn some math. Support this non-profit touring theater group doing shows on math and science, only they can't tour now.

And info on this "citizen scientist" night sky project from the Matheatre Facebook page
"Matheatre is an ambassador of the The International Astronomical Union, (    , raising awareness about dark skies and the issues surrounding light pollution. Check out Globe at Night, an amazing citizen science program that invites YOU to collect data to measure light pollution all around the world. A great activity for those of us learning science at home right now."
and thanks to Matheatre.. a link for this math-themed craft project from @MathHappens

Science fun for the family on A Capella Science  You Tube Channel

You Tube clip "The Corona Virus Explained and What You Should Do
from You Tube channel "Kurzegsagt - In a Nutshell" March 19,2020
Link to this video was posted by a scientist who I follow on FB and is a mutual friend. This clip is animation, but reveals science on how this specific virus is transmitted and impacts the body.

PBS Animation about Virus and a higher math lesson too
"What this chart actually means for COVD-19" on channel "Its' Okay to be Smart"

NY TIMES INFO GRAPHIC "How Conoravirus Hijacks Your Cells"

follow my favorite gal scientist on her Facebook page "The Bumbling Biochemist"
Detailed, but digestible, graphics and text on complex science. Including her recent posts deconstructing the science of fighting COVID-19.
Her blog post on hand sanitizers includes info graphics. Explains all the science. Good for jr. high level and up.
More on her website:

Samples of the info graphics form this page:

MARCH-MADNESS STYLE WOMEN of SCIENCE BRACKET from the Science History Institute
Learn about two amazing women of science in each round. These are tough choices to make. So many great gal scientists finally in the spotlight and not just hidden her-story.
I also highly recommend the Institute's Distillations podcast
and their facebook page.

This You Tube hand washing tutorial uses ink and gloves to make a vivid demonstration

UPDATE 5.25.20
Free downloadable face mask tutorial from artist Elise Gravel. From her Facebook page:
Free printable: Olga and Meh teach your kids (and some grownups) how to wear a mask effectively. Parents and teachers, you can print it and use it for free. No commercial use will be allowed. You can download it here:

UPDATE 5.23.20
Mask info graphic by Affinity Consulting

No-sew face mask info graphic by artist Lili Chin, Doggie Drawings
Click on image to enlarge

Science, art, and literature overlap. I got this new vocabulary word from a science page I follow online.
Regret I have no credit info on images above and below.

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