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COVID #10 of 15 April 2020 -- Online sources, Art is Life

UPDATED 4.25.2020

This post updates information from the #6 of 8 posts in March 2020... Art is Life. Scroll down this post for details on the following sub-headings:

Online art lessons, coloring sheets and projects (including sing- alongs)

Artist recommended art courses

Craft Corner

Worksheets and Info Graphics

Literary Learning (reading and online Shakespeare)

Online Tours of Cultural Sites

Credit for graphic below: art by Rachel SJ @ sj_rachel


UPDATE 4.25.20
FREE download for horse anatomy coloring book. Science and art lesson!

John Muir Laws "How to Teach Nature Journaling"
Link includes free download for pdf of "how-to" book. Science and art project together.
Artist Mo Willems kids art lesson online

Hive Five Studios -- indie artist/designer in So Cal
FREE download w/ 7 pages of coloring sheets:

Free Downloadable coloring book from artist Liz Climo (her website here:
Link for coloring book:

Art by Liz Climo

Liz Climo read a-loud

Arist and Author Tony DiTerlizzi takes drawing requests on Facebook live:

How to draw a Doodlecat (art by Beth Wilson)
use this link for downloadable sheet -- 
This site has links for various animal-themed downloads and activities

Free downloadable activity library from artist Laura Kelly
This next resource shared by an IP attorney, giving credit to her artist client:
"I’m blessed to have amazing, generous and talented creative professionals in my life I call family and friends. I’m honored to share them and their amazingness with you during these challenging times to help bring joy to your days!
MEET Laura Kelly Walters! Laura is sharing her incredible printable library for free. Great for all ages!!!!! Check out her fun projects! Thank You Laura for your heart of gold."

Artist Gemma Correll shares downloads
for cats, dogs and birds to draw and name.

Update 4.14.20
Coloring sheets, science info and more from educators page on website of artist Lily Williams

No Computer? No problem? You can make shadow art coloring sheets!

All these "Free" downloads are fantastic. Art is there for us. We need to be there for artists. Credit and compensate. You can buy from their websites or online stores. You can send a modest "thank you" contribution. Many artists are on pay platforms like Ko-fi, Patreon etc. Most are taking a huge income hit with conventions and art fairs being shut down. Even those with day jobs at companies, not to mention those who supplement their art income via jobs at food service/retail/office support, are impacted by COVID-19 related closures. Most artists are free lancers who don't have job benefits. It's called artWORK for a reason. It takes time, talent, experience and materials to provide the art we enjoy. Lets be sure to credit and compensate all the folks who are getting us through this tough time...

The last weekend in March saw the arrival of the song parodies. No copyright infringement as Parody is fair use under US copyright laws. (not legal advice, just my understanding). These two are family friendly and instructive...

Another Disney parody...

Look up the Frozen one on your own. Not family friendly, but effective. 

Many artists are also sharing links for online art classes --
ones they are offering

ones they recommend

Arts and crafts galore online. Look for indie artist sites. Ordering kits and patterns from indie artists helps you and supports an artist. I love these felt animals from "The Wishing Shed" by Rachel Austin.
You can craft your own first aid otter!

No-sew Face Mask
Info graphic by Lili Chin, Doggie Drawings
Click on image to enlarge

Artist and kids book author and illustrator Elise Gravel
is a great source for info graphics and activities.
If you like these, buy her books. Support what you "like" and share.
 Drawing is an excellent mind-body connection exercise for all ages.

Elise Gravel and other authors have been posting they are granting "open license" for non-commercial video readings of their books to be posted online.

Posts like these are learning opportunities. All the art that is being shared and is comforting us started as IP of creators. Intellectual property. It's valuable. It's ImPortant.

Please note the links are for general information purposes only and my comments/summaries are not tax/business/legal/medical advice. Please consult your own resources for advice that best suits your individual situation.

Operation Storytime -- kids books read aloud by authors

Here's link for Open License just granted by JK Rowling for ok to use her Harry Potter works by teachers. There's a teacher guideline in the link.
Please note there is a time limit written into this agreement/post. Again --great learning opportunity. What rights are being granted? To whom? For how long?

Author Neil Gaiman grants rights to actor LaVar Burton via Twitter
Artist creative rights are their life blood. Educated fans are the front line defense against art theft and IP infringement. See this blog post for case studies on impact of art theft

Resources for Remote Learning

NATIONAL THEATRE ONLINE -- FREE on You Tube, starting April 2, 2020. New play each Thurs night. Free to stream for 1 week.
Fingers crossed they will include the Cumberbatch "Hamlet" -- not yet announced, but hoping!
 "...the National Theatre’s screenings will continue, for at least another month, although performances have not yet been announced. It is likely that Danny Boyle’s Frankenstein, where Benedict Cumberbatch and Jonny Lee Miller alternated the lead role  will be shown, but also Josie Rourke’s production of Coriolanus, with Tom Hiddleston in the main role, and filmed in the intimate space of the Donmar Warehouse. Also part of the National’s archive is Tom Stoppard’s Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead, starring Daniel Radcliffe and Stephen Sondheim’s Follies with Imelda Staunton. "
I've seen both of the NT Frankensteins. Both great -- you see the most Cumberbatch on stage when he plays the Monster.

Modest online rental fee to view filmed productions. Some free content.


New York Public Library free online titles

10 books Scientists are reading

Facebook page announcement by author Pam Houston:

Pam Houston
18 hrs
...Every Thursday night at 8:00pm eastern, 5:00pm Pacific we will be Zoom hosting a reading by one of our favorite authors (and Writing By Writers instructors). So check out the list and tune in every Thursday to see likes of Paul Lisicky, Lidia Yuknavitch, Rebecca Solnit, Fenton Johnson, Ginger Gaffney, Cynthia Newberry Martin, Kate Wisel, and Carolyn Forché read from their new books. More writers will be added as we go (and as more new books come out). But this is quite a fine list to get us rolling.

FREE online readings by authors, with interview by host Pam Houston, and QandA with listeners, Online via Zoom. Thursdays, 5PM Pacific Time. Here's link with more info:

London Tower Ravenmaster reading his book on his You Tube Channel

These sites offer online virtual tours. Great reference material for this game....

6 Online Exhibitions

A link for one of my favorite science museums. They have many online offerings right now

Top 10 museum tours
To help creatives and history buffs begin their homeschooling journey, Google has compiled a list of the top 10 virtual museums:

  1. The British Museum, London
  2. Guggenheim Museum, New York
  3. Musée d’Orsay, Paris
  4. National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Seoul
  5. Pergamon Museum, Berlin
  6. Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam
  7. The J. Paul Getty Museum, Los Angeles
  8. Uffizi Gallery, Florence
  9. MASP, São Paulo
  10. National Museum of Anthropology, Mexico City

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