Thursday, May 21, 2020

Google Doodle honors late Hawaiian icon Israel "Iz" Kamakawiwo'ole

The Google Doodle for April 19, 2020 honored Israel "Iz" Kamakawiwoʻole on what would have been  his 61st birthday.

His poignant ukulele rendition of "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" has become a classic. He was also an important icon in the Native Hawaiian community. The Doodle was produced in cooperation with Kamakawiwo'ole's family.

The official Google Doodle page shares highlights about the development of the Doodle. There is an interview with the Doodle's director, Sophie Diao.

Style tests from the doodle:

The Google Doodle page has comments from the Kamakawiwo'ole's family with their thoughts on his legacy.

The Doodle page explains traditional Hawaiian Kapa art and the contributions of guest artist Dalani Tanahy.

Link for the Google Doodle page:

More info on the Doodle and Kamakawiwo'ole in this Cnet article:

Previous post here on the blog about the artists behind the Google Doodles:

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