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Dune -- Concept art credits and other references (updated 11.22.21)


The sleeper has awakened! After Covid-releated release date postponements, this cinema experience finally arrived... in theatres and on HBO Max on Oct 22nd.

Here's the trailer for the film..

Denis Villeneuve's take on this sci-fi classic has exceeded expectations. Yes, you can view it on HBO Max streaming (and I have been.. repeatedly)... but Dune is an immersive film-going experience. Why miss out on jaw-dropping vistas, the contrast of the massive scale of some shot with the glittering details in others, and OMG the sound design and score --- all best realized on the biggest screen you can access. Now that Dune Part 2 has been given the greenlight... let's hope there will be an extensive re-release of Dune Part 1 in theatres prior to the release of the sequel.

For now, enjoy the dazzling art on display in Dune Part 1. 

Here's hoping the costumes get an Oscar nomination. That will bring a selection of them to the annual FREE exhibition of Oscar-nominate costumes held at the FIDM in downtown Los Angeles (usually early in year, around the time of the Academy Awards).

Dune's costumes were designed by Jacqueline West and Bob Morgan.

Many previous posts on the blog about the FIDM's annual event:

Some screen shots from Dune Part 1..

(gold dress photo below from this site:

Meanwhile... the Concept Art Association

used their Instagram account to share some concept art designs, along with credits and contact info for the artists. So many highly skilled professionals at the top of the game came together to make this film magical.

Harkonnen Desert Parka concept by Keith Christensen 

Harkonnen 'Thropter by George Hull

Stillsuit by Joseph Cross

Jessica in Meditation by Dane Madgwick

Stillsuit by Jerad Marantz

Ornithopter by Colie Wertz

Sandworm by Kamen Anev

Early Baron Harkonnen by Jerad Marantz

Sardaukar Helmet by Keith Christensen

Paul and Jessica Escape by Peter Popken

More Dune concept art in this link from

Check out these silhouettes, and more detailed renderings.. both by WETA artist Adam Middleton

On You Tube you'll find oodles of Dune resources.

Here are two favorites I've found ... this one featuring Villeneuve on how Lawrence of Arabia influenced him:

and Villeneuve and Chalamet giving an interview... it's all in French. I knew Villenueve was Canadian and spoke French... but only recently learned that Chalamet has dual French-US citizenship and is bi-lingual.

I've also enjoyed this You Tube channel "Quinn's Ideas" for deep dives into Dune lore..

The sound design and score contribute to the epic scale of this film. This link explores these elements.

Villeneuve's Dune is a visual celebration.... built on a strong foundation. The cast is superb, from these leads through the supporting roles. (some spoilers below ....) 

Did you know Dr. Liet Kynes is a man in the book?? Will the film sequel keep this book character's connection to Chani??? 

And if you're a fan of Jason Momoa as Duncan Idaho... you have to wonder.... There are Dune saga fan theories that consider Duncan Idaho the true protagonist of the story (the character comes back as a clone and Duncan Idaho is the only character to appear in all 6 books in the series).

UPDATE 11.22.21
Momoa has been posting links like this from his video diary during the making of Dune...

Action is character. This video shares insights into the fight training and choreography

Here he explores his own contributions to Dune... inspired by his "go play so you can be inspired" philosphy...

On working with Villeneuve

I'll add additional Dune links here....

A science consultant (and former Cassini project research scientist) Dr. Kevin Grazier is interviewed on the science in Dune:

Scientist David Brin contrasts Villeneuve's film adaptation with the book:

More videos:

UPDATE 11.22.21

Why this scene in Dune is perfect...

Dune and Simplicity

Behind the Making of Dune

Why Dune's Visual Effects Feel So Different

Duncan Idaho -- thoughts on this character in 2021 Dune

And a bit of fun... the "Honest Trailers" take on Dune..

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