Thursday, November 25, 2021

SNB at SDCC 2021 -- booth 3033 (updated 11.27.21)

 Stuart is exhibiting at San Diego Comic Con -- the Thanksgiving weekend 2021 special edition! Seeing SNB back in a 10x10 space is so nostaglic!!! 

In the 20+ years Stuart has been an exhibitor at SDCC he grew from sharing a small space like this... to building out a 50 foot pop-up bookstore on the exhibit hall floor. You can see versions of SNB convention set-ups here...

and of previous SDCC appearances in July posts on the blog..

The last "pre-covid" SDCC...

Early SNB at SDCC.. from 2008! (the year I started the blog.. Stuart had been exhibiting long before that date)

Meanwhile.. if you're at SDCC 2021 -- for this special edition of this iconic US convention --  you'll see Stuart in action. Meeting with artists, colleagues and attendees. Sharing gems from the store and website. I'm not at this event... but can share these photos from Stuart...

UPDATE 11.27.21

Stuart shared some additional photos... taken during exhibitor hours prior to the hall being open for attendees...

and some pics w/ patrons at the booth..

See more about these and other titles on the SNB website:

The SNB brick and mortar store in Torrance is open 7 days a week!
20655 Western Ave. Suite 104. Torrance, CA  90501. On Western just south of the 405 Fwy.

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