Friday, August 21, 2009

More Savitt art and Illustrated Terhune books

Here are 2 books that I loved as a kid and I've never gotten over:

I can't remember now which one I read first... but the pictures drew me to the story (no pun intended) and the story helped make me a reader.

The 40th Anniversary edition of LAD: A DOG by Albert Payson Terhune w/ the illustrations by Sam Savitt. This version was first published in 1959.. and is still in print.

Here's an adaptation of LAD. This is a re-print from the 1970s of a book first published in the late 40s. Illustrations are by William Bartlett and Harry Michaels:
The interior shows a view of the real Sunnybank house. Based on photos I've seen of the real home when it existed, these images are pretty accurate.

Detail showing house:
In every copy I've seen of this book... and I always look.. there is this printing error in this illustration of one of the most dramatic stories in the book. Can you see the rattlesnake Lad is saving the baby from?

Here's Lad bored at the dog show... read the book to find out what happens AFTER he wins.
This illustrations shows the dogs "Benched"... back in the 1920s, dogs had to stay at the show all day.

This illustration shows the grounds at Sunnybank... including the red barn building which stood on the grounds during Terhune's time. The barn was also the kennel for the Sunnybank collies.

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